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Why Start your career at EA?

Career ownership.

Start at Point A. Create your Point B. At EA, your career is yours. Enjoy unmatched career potential. Become a functional expert or a team leader. Start in Montreal and move to Los Angeles. It’s supported entrepreneurship….fo…

To work in the world you play in.

You know us and the company we keep: a plant and a zombie, a Commander and a football star, a community of Sims. Work in the world that you know – and one you might even create. EA is known around the world as the destination…

The people.

Work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. This is not a passing hello in a hallway, but an around-the-table, all-hands-on-deck environment where visionaries mentor visionaries and everyone has a voice. 

Meet Lianne Lardizabal

EA Careers
Dec 6, 2017
Learn More

Meet Andreea Druga

EA Careers
Sep 7, 2017
Learn More

Meet Sangok Lim

EA Careers
Dec 9, 2016
Technical Director Learn More

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