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Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial by Fire FAQ – Part 1

Discover all you need to know as the third Chapter sets the battlefield ablaze with new modes, experiences, maps, and more.

A new Chapter for Battlefield™ V* is imminent – and this one’s flaming hot. Whether you’re new to Battlefield V or a skilled veteran, Chapter 3: Trial by Fire is bringing plenty to be excited about – hence this first article in a series detailing how it will evolve the battlefield. With that, let's go through the most frequently asked Trial by Fire questions and see what the Chapter’s first weeks will entail.

What is Chapter 3: Trial by Fire?
Continuing the evolution of Battlefield V, Trial by Fire is the third Chapter of the game. Delivered as free updates to Battlefield V owners, Chapters bring several new ways to experience the game, through maps, modes, missions, and more – some exclusive to the duration of the Chapter, some permanent.

When does it take place?
Chapter 3: Trial by Fire starts on March 28 and will be active for 12 weeks. Firestorm – battle royale, reimagined for Battlefield – will, however, be playable earlier, on March 25. Check in to Battlefield V regularly during Chapter 3: Trial by Fire, as we’ll add challenges and rewards on a weekly basis.

What new content and features are in Chapter 3?
In a nutshell: the climactic battle royale of Firestorm, the stunning Mercury map portraying the Battle of Greece, more co-op in a Combined Arms update, the strategic Outpost mode, and even more. That’s a lot. Let’s break it down.

What is Firestorm?
Free for all Battlefield V players, Firestorm lets you fight, scavenge, and survive as a deadly ring of fire encloses the largest Battlefield map ever. As mentioned, this is battle royale, reimagined for Battlefield. That means objectives to capture, combat vehicles to pilot, and Reinforcements to call in as you fight to become the last squad or soldier standing. If you want to learn more about all the different aspects of Firestorm, the Firestorm web page is a great start.

What’s Combined Arms and what new updates are coming to it?
Combined Arms is the Battlefield V co-op experience, where you can improve your skills before taking on multiplayer by squading up and fighting AI troops. As Combined Arms gets updated in April, you’ll get to enjoy matchmaking and two Fjell 652 map missions.

What can you tell me about the Mercury map?
When this Battle of Greece map arrives in May, you’ll experience unexplored fronts as the fight moves to the Mediterranean. Here, you'll take on a massive invasion along the Cretan coast, based on the real-life events of Operation Mercury. The Battle of Greece will continue with another new map coming in Chapter 4.

What is Outpost mode?
Spread the word and find new recruits in this multiplayer mode, coming in June. In Outpost, you’ll build and secure objectives to ensure your team assembles enough soldiers and resources to endure through the fight. We’re still putting final touches to Outpost, and we’ll have more intel to share soon.

Any other game modes coming?
Squad Conquest, a multiplayer experience we introduced during Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes is coming back for a limited time during Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. In this fast-paced, 8-versus-8 take on Conquest, two pairs of opposing squads compete to strategically capture and hold flags until they exhaust the enemy team of their Respawn Tickets.

What are mode variants?
During Tides of War, we're adding twists on existing multiplayer modes based on new ideas and community wishes. The idea is to test introduce these mode variants for a limited time and, potentially, bring them back if they're popular. For example, the first mode variant you'll see in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire is Grind - a tight, close-quarter take on Conquest. Here, we've reduced the playing field and number of flags on the Twisted Steel, Devastation, Rotterdam, and Narvik maps to create high-intensity infantry areas - meat grinders if you will - to cater for a certain play style. Fans of Battlefield 3's Operation Metro and Battlefield 1's Fort de Vaux will love this one.

What are the competitive system requirements?
As Firestorm approaches, Nvidia has recommended competitive specs for PC configurations that meet the needs of performance gaming with high refresh monitors. For players on high-end PCs, these specs will provide an idea of what it will take to get the best performance levels from their rigs. 

Battlefield V Competitive System Requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or later
  • Processor (AMD): AMD Ryzen 7 2700 or equivalent
  • Processor (Intel): Intel Core i7 8700 or equivalent
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 2070
  • Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster  Internet connection
  • Available Disk Space: 50GB

You can read more about minimum, recommended, and DXR-related specs on our PC system requirements page.

What are the Weekly Challenges in Chapter 3?
There will be 12 Weekly Challenges in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock awesome weapons, skins, and other items by completing tasks on the battlefield. Gear like the Commando Carbine, the Firestorm Fire Axe melee weapon, and more is waiting for you – find a detailed list of the first six weeks, their tasks, and their rewards on the Chapter 3 page.

Are you changing the structure of the Weekly Challenges?
Yes, in two ways. First, to make things clearer, we’re moving away from the concept of Chapter Events to instead focus solely on weeks and Weekly Challenges. Second, some Weekly Challenges will feature a bonus task available after completing the final task and unlocking the reward. This extra exercise challenges you to use your newly acquired reward. For instance: in Chapter 3, Week 4, you’ll unlock the Commando Carbine at the end of the Weekly Challenge. You can then take your carbine out for a spin in the bonus task Silent Death, where you need to score five kills with it.

What is Chapter Rank and how do I earn it?
Chapter Rank is a special rank which shows how active you’ve been in the current Chapter. It’s only available during the active Chapter and can be earned by simply playing the game. (Pro tip: completing Weekly Challenges will earn you a big chunk of Chapter XP, which will speed up the Chapter Rank climbing). For Chapter 3: Trial by Fire, there are 40 ranks.

What rewards do I get for earning Chapter Rank in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire?
You’ll earn a reward for each time you rank up. Here’s a complete list of the Chapter 3 rewards:

  • Chapter Rank 1: Trial by Fire Emblem (Common)
  • Chapter Rank 2: Scorched Weapon Set – Full Auto Prototype (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 3: Scorched Weapon Set – Sten Gun (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 4: Scorched Weapon Set – KE7 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 5: Scorched Weapon Set – Lee-Enfield No. 4 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 6: Special Assignment #1
  • Chapter Rank 7: Scorched Weapon Set – M30 Drilling (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 8: Scorched Weapon Set – Bren Gun (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 9: Scorched Weapon Set – MP 40 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 10: Scorched Weapon Set – StG 44 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 11: Special Assignment #2
  • Chapter Rank 12: Firestarter Allied Headgear (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 13: Firestarter Axis Headgear (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 14: StuG IV Vehicle Skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 15: Valentine AA Vehicle Skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 16: Special Assignment #3
  • Chapter Rank 17: Firestorm Facepaint (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 18: Spitfire MKVB vehicle skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 19: JU88C Vehicle Skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 20: Survivalist Allied Soldier Set Parts – Torso and Legs (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 21: Survivalist Axis Soldier Set Parts – Torso and Legs (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 22: Special Assignment #4
  • Chapter Rank 23: StuG IV Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 24: Valentine AA Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 25: Spitfire MKVB Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 26: JU88C Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 27: Special Assignment #5
  • Chapter Rank 28: Ember Weapon Skin Set – Lee-Enfield No. 4 (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 29: Ember Weapon Skin Set – Bren Gun (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 30: Firestorm Facepaint (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 31: Special Assignment #6
  • Chapter Rank 32: Scavenger Allied Soldier Set Part – Headgear (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 33: Scavenger Axis Soldier Set Part – Headgear (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 34: Special Assignment #7
  • Chapter Rank 35: Ember Weapon Skin Set – StG44 (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 36: Ember Weapon Skin Set – MP 40 (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 37: AKA Allied Soldier Set Part – Legs (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 38: AKA Allied Soldier Set Part – Torso (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 39: AKA Allied Soldier Set Part – Head (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 40: Fire Rake Melee Weapon

What are Special Assignments and which ones are coming with Chapter 3: Trial by Fire?
Special Assignments are sets of mini-challenges where you can earn rewards by completing a set number of tasks. Head to the Assignments in the main menu and pick which Assignments you want to pursue. There are big chunks of Chapter XP to be earned, so give it your best. Below are the Special Assignments that are exclusive to Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. 

Dirty Work (Complete one of two)

  • Kill 25 enemies 
  • Kill 15 enemies in a round 
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Ready to Go (Complete one of two)

  • Play five rounds of any game mode
  • Win two rounds playing any game mode
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Focused Fire (Complete one of two)

  • Kill five enemies with a secondary weapon
  • Kill three enemies with secondary weapon headshots
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Among the Ashes (Complete one of two)

  • Finish at 32nd place or better in Firestorm
  • Open a supply drop in Firestorm
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Marked for Death (Complete two of three)

  • Kill 25 enemies while in an objective area
  • Kill 20 enemies in one round
  • Kill 10 enemies in one life
  • Reward: 14,500 Chapter XP

Trailblazer (Complete two of three)

  • Kill ten enemies in Firestorm
  • Revive a squad member in Firestorm
  • Activate a Vehicle Breakout in Firestorm
  • Reward: 14,500 Chapter XP

Dirty Work (Complete two of three)

  • In one life, kill 20 enemies while in an objective area
  • Win 10 rounds
  • Finish at 8th place or better in Firestorm
  • Reward: 30,000 Chapter XP

What happened with the Soldier Dragging feature?
Having discovered that soldier dragging would negatively impact the core gameplay loop, we’ve decided to not add the feature to Battlefield V. To make soldier dragging look and play well, complex and long animations are necessary. This would make reviving feel slow and unresponsive, which would affect the pacing of Battlefield V’s gameplay.

We’ll continue to explore ways to improve Battlefield V, but in doing so we have to ensure that the core elements, the essence, if you will, of the game remain unaffected. It’s been great reading the discussions on this subject and your feedback continues to play a part in all our decisions. Please keep that feedback coming, and we’ll keep consuming it.

There you have it, another vast Chapter for Battlefield V to sink your teeth in. Keep checking in to the game to make sure you’re not missing anything, and give it your all on the constantly evolving battlefields. We will see you there.

– Jonas Elfving

Updated on March 27: This article previously stated that Combined Arms would be updated with a Hardcore mode. This was incorrect and the post has been updated accordingly. Apologies for any confusion.

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