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Tips for the Halvøy Map in Firestorm

The landmarks you need to know, where to find the best loot, and more.

Flakfire Gaming gives you a tour of the Halvøy map to help you be the last one standing in Battlefield V: Firestorm.

When it comes to sheer size and variety of terrain, nothing in Battlefield V compares to Halvøy. At ten times the size of Hamada, this map provides plenty of space to spread out, explore, and battle on land, sea, and air. You’ll find almost every imaginable sort of terrain here, from snowy mountains to green fields. Of course, not all of the map will be available at any time due to the Firestorm. This huge ring of fire will slowly close in, shrinking the map further, forcing enemies ever nearer, and intensifying the fight for survival.

Firestorm Incoming                         

Speaking of the ring of fire, what happens if you’re unlucky enough to be caught in it? You won’t go down instantly (though buildings, trees, and more will be quickly consumed around you), so there’s still time to make it out of the inferno. If you’re fast enough, that is. However, the longer you stay in the flames, the more damage you’re going to take. Get ahead of the flames as quickly as possible if you don’t want to end up char-broiled.

What You Need to Know About the Landmarks of Halvøy


  • Overview – This dormant depot was once a hub of industry. Now, three hulking, multi-story buildings sit as empty and cold as the nearby mountain. Located in the southeast section of the map, these tightly-packed facilities are perfect for crossfire combat and will no doubt be very popular with snipers, so approach with caution. Once inside, the narrow hallways and cramped rooms of the central office building will make close-quarter and melee weapons much more important.
  • Loot – Focus on the central buildings for the higher-tier loot.
  • Tip – Need to make a quick escape or flank the enemy? Bursting through a window to high-tail it across a nearby roof can give you the time you need to regroup or set up the perfect shot.

Pluto (Dig Site A)

  • Overview – This deep quarry is easily visible from above as you parachute in, just look for a giant hole in the ground close to the center of the map. Spotting it on foot can be a bit trickier, though the tall dig site buildings should help you navigate to it. Keeping to the surface of the pit will definitely give you the advantage with a variety of shooting angles that can turn this spot into a serious kill zone.
  • Loot – Dense clusters of loot and a Vehicle Lockup (at the bottom of the quarry) make this area both high risk and high reward.
  • Tip – There are multiple paths leading into and out of the dig site, but the quickest way down is via parachute. If you want to gain some altitude without sticking to the known paths, try climbing up the coal conveyors.

Baldr’s Point

  • Overview – Due west you’ll spot a tiny fortified island accessible only via a narrow causeway. Looming far above the modest homes stands a lighthouse, giving snipers an excellent view of the surroundings. The houses are built around natural and manmade trenches, offering much-needed cover.  
  • Loot – If you’re looking for good weapons as you begin the round head for the barracks (near the lighthouse). You’ll generally find higher-tier loot here more often than in the other buildings on the island. Looking for particularly rare weapons? Check the top of the foghorn building.
  • Tip – Getting your hands on the amphibious Schwimmwagen (look near the yellow house) will give you the ability to scout the neighboring islands and nearby shore as well as new options for flanking enemies.

Halvdeler Village

  • Overview – In the very center of the map you’ll find a large lake and surrounding village. Homes and buildings spread along each shore, providing perfect crossfire opportunities and long sight lines across the lake. Hilly slopes and large, well-placed crates open up a variety of opportunities to use the roofs as access routes. Head under some of the water-side homes for a perfect way to flank looting players on the west jetty.
  • Loot – Head to the islands for the best loot opportunities, or to the northwest if you’re looking for a Vehicle Lockup.
  • Tip – In the middle of the lake sit two AT guns that can demolish buildings and enemies on either side. The hillsides above the town also provide excellent lines of sight and sniper opportunities.

Minerva Docks

  • Overview – This highly industrialized zone in the southeast corner of the map is dotted with cranes and stacks of wood and steel. It’s also one of the largest landmarks, offering a wide variety of cover and flanking opportunities. The density of buildings makes this area ideal for those just landing on the map and in desperate need of loot.
  • Loot – Look in the dock buildings for Strongboxes filled with Healing Syrettes and gadgets. If you can get aboard the docked ship, you’ll find enough loot there to make it worth your while.
  • Tip – Keep your eyes open for transport vehicle spawns in this area that will help you quickly travel from this somewhat remote spot.

Guderos Wharf

  • Overview – Due south you’ll find a small fishing village filled with charming homes and picturesque granary buildings. The uneven terrain and structures are good for cat and mouse play, so enter this area with extreme caution.
  • Loot – Those picturesque granary buildings hold a lot more than just grain.
  • Tip – If you like to drop early, this is a pretty good place to find the cover and weapons you’ll need to survive those critical first minutes of a match.

Hansen Farms

  • Overview – Head north to find the open fields, buildings, and farm equipment that comprise Hansen Farms. Ditches, dirt piles, and buildings offer plenty of cover, while the orchard provides stealthier players with fantastic flanking opportunities.
  • Loot – There’s plenty of weapons, gadgets, and armor to find in this area, but take and hold the large multi-story barn for the highest-value loot.
  • Tip – If you’re looking for tractors this is where you’ll find them. And you might want to keep your eyes open for towable anti-vehicle guns as well.

Halvøy Dam

  • Overview – Just south of Halvdeler Village stands the mighty Halvøy Dam. While this landmark offers the promise of plentiful and high-value loot, it’s a dangerous choke-point for those willing to risk it. Going in on foot is recommended as anti-tank traps are plentiful and there’s little room to maneuver.
  • Loot – This spot is high risk and high reward if you can make it to the center of the dam unscathed. However, the best advice is to get in and out as quickly as possible.
  • Tip – Check for stealthy alternative routes on the water side to evade enemy fire or get the jump on unexpected looters.

Nanahavn Town

  • Overview – Head due west to enter the coastal town of Nanahavn. If you’re looking for intense close-combat play, this locale is the one for you. With the highest density of houses and buildings anywhere on the Halvøy map, you’ll find plenty of cover. The surrounding forested countryside allows for a stealthy approach, so stay on your guard.
  • Loot – The central open market area will provide the highest loot potential but leave you vulnerable from a variety of directions.
  • Tip – You can leap-frog into the tight clusters of buildings or weave between them for the best flanking opportunities.

Church at Hodstad

  • Overview – In the northeast corner of the map lies an abandoned village and a mysterious old church. Its high windows and bell tower make the church an ideal location for snipers to set up shop. There are multiple routes into and out of the church, so try different traversal options.
  • Loot – Don’t be afraid to venture into the graveyard if you want to secure the best loot in this area.
  • Tip – There are rumors of a hidden basement here for those clever enough to find it.

Friggatind Train Yard

  • Overview – The train depot is littered with abandoned carriages; follow the tracks to their end and you’ll find two large office buildings and a warehouse. Fighting in the train yard itself will offer a variety of close, medium, and long-range combat options. Silos scattered around the area will offer a height advantage plus the ability to use the train carriages as an alternate route from one area to another. Looking for solid cover? Head to the warehouse but be aware that there are few covered escape routes as it’s surrounded by cliffs.
  • Loot – The buildings offer you the best cover and plenty of loot, but if you can make it up to the roofs, you’ll find the highest-value rewards.
  • Tip – Use the train carriages to your advantage; not only can you get on top of them but fling open the side doors to get the drop on surprised enemies.

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