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How to Find and Unlock Objectives and Supply Drops in Firestorm

Want to get your hands on the best loot? Here’s the scoop.

TheTacticalBrit explains why securing Objectives is vitally important in Firestorm and covers the kinds of rewards you can find in them.

Objectives are strategically important locations on the map and areas of interest that can be obvious and easily discovered or trickier to locate. Securing Objectives on your own or as a squad gives you access to anything from Epic-tier weapons to devastating tanks. In Battlefield™ V: Firestorm, any advantage can mean the difference between staying in the fight or ending up a casualty, so securing Objectives should be a high priority.

There are five types of Objectives in Firestorm (from lowest to highest risk).

Strongboxes – These wooden crates appear at random times around major landmarks. Inside you’ll find up to three Common, Rare, or Epic gadgets, weapons, or healing items. While the items inside are definitely worth finding, it’s unlikely the crates will be highly contested. A good understanding of the Halvøy map and possible Strongbox spawn points will come in very handy. To secure these Objectives, simply approach and open the box, there’s nothing more to it.

Safes – You don’t need heavy explosives to crack these Objectives, just a little patience (and luck). Look for Safes inside Halvøy landmarks where they’ll appear randomly. Once located, you’ll need a good 20 seconds to open them so do your best to secure the area or, if you’re in a squad, make sure to bring someone along to watch your back. Once opened, you’ll be able to lay your hands on some high-value loot. Grab what you and your squad need and move out as quickly as possible. While these Objectives don’t appear on the mini-map or HUD, their locations aren’t exactly top secret and it’s a sure bet that enemies will be combing the landmarks as well, looking for them.

Supply Drops – Running low on ammo or gear? Keep your eyes peeled for green smoke, a sure sign that a Supply Drop has just touched down near you. They can be dropped from planes flying overhead and will appear as a canister attached to a parachute. These Objectives can be tricky to secure, as they’re easily visible to anyone in the area, but they’re worth the effort. Inside you’ll find rare and powerful loot, the kind you (and your enemies) are sure to need. Think through your approach and understand that ambushes and sniper attacks are all but certainties where these Objectives are concerned. Note: Supply Drops can be summoned by the use of Reinforcements: find out more here.

Resupply Points – You’ll find these randomly-generated Objectives within the ring of fire. Once a Resupply Point becomes capturable a barrage balloon will rise over it. All players will also receive a ping on their in-game compass, but only those nearby will be able to tell the capture status. In order to get your hands on the Rare and Epic tier loot you can find there, you’ll need to capture the point. To do so, move near the Objective and the capture status will appear on your screen. Once it’s been fully captured the two large canisters on the ground will open and reveal your loot. Be aware that players may wait for you to complete the capture before they attack you. A vehicle, well-placed squadmates, or smoke grenades are highly recommended before attempting to take a Resupply Point.

Note: Objectives farther from the ring of fire are safer and may be more contested than those nearer the flames. You’ll need to balance the odds carefully – will you face more enemies to take a safer Resupply Point or risk being caught in the Firestorm itself.

Vehicle Lockups – You won’t find these massive concrete bunkers on your mini-map or HUD, so keep your eyes peeled. The giant metal doors can only be opened by the mechanisms on either side of them. A solo player can manage it, but it’ll take twice as long – and time is of the essence. Why? Two reasons. First, an alarm will blare for everyone to hear as soon as you start opening this Objective. Second, the best loot in the game will be waiting for you behind those giant metal doors, like powerful vehicles and Epic tier gear, so you’re going to have a lot of company before you know it. With a squad your best strategy will be to put two members on lookout and two on opening the doors. Secure your vehicle and loot and keep moving if you want to stay on the active duty list.

Have some more questions? Find your answers on our Battlefield V Firestorm Boot Camp page.

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