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The Maps of Battlefield V: Fjell 652

Stay alive and thrive on this brutal Norwegian mountain peak.

This Battlefield™ V map is definitely not for the faint of heart, or anyone with an intense fear of heights. We’re going to take a detailed look at the unique challenges and unexpected benefits players will encounter on this rocky mountain top. Read on for all the intel.

Once a haven for skiers and climbers, Fjell 652 has become a frozen battleground. Narrow pathways wind around craggy barriers, forcing attackers to tread carefully, and giving defenders the perfect cover for an ambush. Fortifications can mean the difference between holding and losing precious ground, and anti-air emplacements are the best defense against death from above. Battle here among the clouds is as bitter, and ferocious as the blizzards that strike without warning.

Map Overview

The second map inspired by the Norwegian Campaign of 1940, Fjell 652 (“Fjell” is Norwegian for “mountain”) follows the fight as the Axis forces retreat into the cold, unforgiving peaks surrounding the port city of Narvik. In this unseen, untold story of World War 2, players advance on the treacherous mountaintops with the Allied army or attempt to try to hold their ground with the Axis forces.

This overview is specific to the Conquest mode, the most popular and iconic in the Battlefield series. But these tips are designed to help players succeed in any mode on the Fjell 652 map.

Fjell 652 at a Glance


  • Infantry
  • Aircraft


  • Small


  • Fast

Play Style

Anyone who prefers infantry-focused, rapid close combat is going to spend a lot of time on Fjell 652. This map has a lot in common with the Battlefield 1 map Argonne Forest, particularly its small size and closed environment. Fjell 652, however, isn’t as linear as its predecessor, so it’s less a funnel than an open-air warren of complicated, narrow passages and rocky barriers. Another difference between the two is the addition of aircraft; planes can dart in and around the peaks dogfighting or strafing enemy positions. Control the summit and force the enemy pilots to prove their skills in the gorges below.

Available Game Modes

Fjell 652 offers players the opportunity to take on a wide variety of modes, including:

  • Breakthrough - Fight to control sectors as an attacker and push the enemy back to claim vital ground in this intense mode.
  • Conquest - An all-time Battlefield classic, this vast game mode includes up to 64 players who battle for control of key locations on the map.
  • Domination - Fast-paced, infantry-based combat in close quarters where you’ll see the enemy up close and personal and where the fighting revolves around significant strategic objectives.
  • Final Stand - There can only be one team left standing, and this tie-breaking conclusion to Grand Operations will determine the winner.
  • Team Deathmatch - Kill or be killed is the name of the game, inflict as many casualties on the enemy as possible to emerge victorious.

This map is made for Domination and Team Deathmatch modes, with their speed, intensity, and up-close-and-personal combat. Grand Operations is the ultimate multiplayer experience that takes players across fictional in-operation “days,” where each day is represented by a round played on a combination of a map and mode that brings the narrative to life. The actions you, your squad, and your team take on day one will have a direct impact on gameplay in day two, which in result will impact on day three, and so on. Teams surviving their first two brutal “days” of the Norway Grand Operation in Narvik, will ascend here for day three, and (if necessary) day four, where they’ll face their Final Stand amid a howling snowstorm on this desolate peak.

Capture Point A: Artillery Emplacement

There are a total of five capture points that make up this alpine map, and each position contains Ammo and Health stations, though extra supplies can be found in certain locations. There’s also no shortage of anti-air guns and machine gun emplacements scattered throughout.

Let’s start with the first approach, which includes an artillery emplacement. It’s the primary line of Axis defenses, overlooking the city Narvik far below. From the start attackers will be facing a literal uphill battle as they attempt to take Flag A.

Capture Point B: Lookout

The second defensive position perched high above Narvik is the lookout. While it may seem nearly impregnable, the area between Flags B and C is riddled with narrow pathways ideal for flanking the enemy. These paths are too narrow for large engagements, but skirmishes between surprised opposing squads are pretty common.

Capture Point C: Cabins

The cabins of Flag C offer scant, but essential cover for intense close-quarters combat. But beware fire from the cliffs and elevations near Flags A, B and D. They’re a great place to overlook the objective, hunker down, and line up the perfect shot. Aircraft should also be top of mind in this area, though the Fortifications with anti-aircraft emplacements can help even those odds.

Capture Point D: Outpost

Flag D is another prime defensive position and has much in common with the lookout. Keep an eye out for footprints in the snow that lead to winding, claustrophobic pathways that make ambushing enemy squads much easier. Supplies have been parachuted in and are scattered throughout the area, offering both attackers and defenders everything they need to keep the fight going.

Capture Point E: Command Center

The makeshift Axis command center at Flag E consists of a small, snowy plateau dotted with sturdy little cabins. They were built to withstand the often-unpredictable weather, but not heavy fire, so don’t count on them for sustained cover. A thin suspension bridge provides an alternative (though exposed) route. Supplies have been parachuted in and they’re amply spread throughout the area. Anyone making it this far will definitely need them.

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Note that game content, gameplay mechanics, and other Battlefield V aspects covered in this article may change between now and the launch of the game.


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