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Learn How to Manage Inventory and Get More Loot in Firestorm

Find out what you can carry, how to carry more, and how to access your gear efficiently.

Have questions about your inventory and how much you can carry? TheTacticalBrit has answers in this Battlefield V: Firestorm video.

Your survival in Firestorm often comes down to how quickly you can move. Whether it’s running for cover, trying to stay at least a few steps ahead of the ring of fire, or sprinting for loot before the enemy can beat you to it – you’ve got to move fast, and for that, you need to travel light.

Every player, whether you’re facing the fight on your own or with a squad, starts out empty-handed. It’s not recommended that you stay that way for long. Here are the inventory slots you’ll want to fill as soon as possible:

You’ll have two primary weapon slots and one for a sidearm. For more information on how to fill those slots with the best possible weapons see our Firestorm weapons blog. Your soldier will also come equipped with an Armor Vest that you can refill with up to three Armor Plates that will protect you from some weapon and explosive damage. You can find out more about how armor works in Firestorm right here.

Additional inventory slots available are:

  • One healing item slot
    • Healing Syrettes only
  • One throwable item slot (all grenade types)
    • Frag Grenades, Sticky Grenades, etc.
  • Two gadget slots (can’t hold healing or throwable items)
    • Backpacks, Ammo, Vehicle Fuel, etc.

Check out a complete list of available Firestorm gadgets. Remember, these gadgets can be organized in terms of priority. Whatever is shown under the active gadget in use is the next item that will equip when your current has run out. It may be a good idea to keep an offensive and defensive slot (for example, keeping Frag Grenades on the left-hand side and Healing Syrettes or Armor Plates on the right), this can make calling up the appropriate item much faster in the heat of battle.

Want to carry more loot? You’ll need to get your hands on a Backpack. These handy items come in three sizes:

  • Small (green): increases stored inventory slots by two
  • Medium (blue): increases stored inventory slots by four
  • Large (purple): increases stored inventory slots by six.

To use an item equip it and press the weapon fire button. For example, if you’d like to refuel a vehicle, access the Jerry Can in your inventory and press and hold the fire weapon button while standing next to the vehicle.

The inventory is easily visible in the lower right portion of your screen, leaving the remainder clear for you to keep an eye out for enemies. Want to know how much space is currently available in your inventory? See the bar at the top (just under the title “INVENTORY”).

Given the limited space available, you’ll need to keep inventory management top of mind at all times. One of the easiest ways to clear some space is to get rid of Ammo you’re not currently using. In Firestorm Ammo is weapon-specific, so anything you pick up that can’t be used in one of your current weapons is just wasting space. You can also drop specific amounts of things like Armor Plates, Ammo, or Healing Syrettes for your allies if they’re in need.

Another way to lighten your load if you’re playing in Solo Mode, is to ditch your pistol. Usually this sidearm is most effective when you’ve been downed, and that can only happen in Squad Mode. With two primary weapons, a sidearm is probably not going to help you much when you’re on your own.

So how do you find the loot you need to make sure you and your squad are the last ones standing? There are three main ways to acquire loot, detailed below.

Random spawn sites: Those appearing in remote areas will be the lowest risk (generally speaking) and will have the lowest level loot. Alternatively, spawn sites located in landmarks will be the easiest to find (so expect a fight) and much riskier, but you’ll definitely score higher level loot.

Defeated enemies: It’s always a good idea to check downed soldiers for weapons and gadgets and grab what you can. After all, they’re not going to need them anymore.

Objectives: Just like in other Battlefield V modes, playing the Objective can really pay off for you and your squad.  There are five different types available in Firestorm, and each will reward you with higher value loot:

  • Strongboxes: Scattered throughout the map, though they often appear near landmarks, these contain a variety of supplies.
  • Safes: Located inside landmarks, they contain high-value loot and will take about 20 seconds to open.
  • Supply Drops: Randomly dropped from planes, they will be marked by a green flare when they touch down and contain rare and powerful loot.
  • Resupply Points: These are found at random locations within the ring of fire – look for a rising barrage balloon to locate these high-value sites. Hold the Objective with your team and score Rare and Epic weapons plus Reinforcements.
  • Vehicle Lockups: Found at strategic points on the maps, these locked bunkers must be opened by turning a mechanism on each side of the doors. Easy, right? Wrong – the second you start opening those doors an alarm will sound alerting everyone nearby. This high-risk site will award you with both high-value loot and vehicles if you’re fast enough to claim them.

Learn more about armor, weapons, and Reinforcements here. Have some more questions? Find your answers on our Battlefield V Firestorm Boot Camp page.

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