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Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture – Tips for the Challenges of Week 3

Master vehicle warfare and get the Selbstlader 1906 reward.

Tides of War, the Battlefield™ V live service journey across WW2, is now underway with Chapter 1: Overture. Tides of War is what keeps Battlefield V evolving, bringing new battlefields, ways to play, and weekly challenges. The latter is what we’ll cover in this post. 

Vehicles and Classes: Take on a New Chapter Event

Driving and destruction. Repairs and road kills. In the latest Chapter Event of Chapter 1: Overture, it’s all about vehicles – and how they relate to the Battlefield V classes. If you’re just starting Chapter Events, a quick look at the image above will give you a good idea of how they work. Basically, you get to choose your way across a group of chained in-game challenges to reach a final mission – and a final reward.

As you advance and complete challenges, you’ll face forks in the road, opening up other challenges. Each completed mission will give you a Chapter XP reward. Completionists need not worry; all challenges in the tree can be taken on even if you’ve started or completed your first route.

If you get all the way to the end of this Chapter Event, you’ll be rewarded with the Selbstlader 1906 for the Recon class. This self-loading rifle has a rich history; the same toggle-lock mechanism used on the German P08 Pistol was also used for this weapon, and though the design was a success, only a few prototypes were ever built.

Let’s go through the challenge tree for mission details and tips on how to complete each step of the way.

Fragile Structures: Deal 200 damage to vehicles.
Vehicles are often armored, but none are indestructible. Though you should respect the sight of enemy vehicles, you should not fear it. Grab your grand guns, gadgets, and grenades (more on this later) to damage enemy vehicles, and you’ll complete the first step in no time. Pro tip: try to approach vehicles unseen and attack from the side or rear.

AT Infantry: Deal 200 damage to vehicles using Assault equipment.
Every class can potentially damage a vehicle with the correct loadout, but the Assault class excel at this task. Their Panzerfaust and PIAT gadgets work magic on tanks, as will deploying and detonating Sticky Dynamite. Analyze which routes vehicles often take and lay out AT Mines on their paths. Alternatively, carpe destruction with a nicely-lobbed Anti-Tank Bundle Grenade.

Air Superiority: Deal 500 damage in an airplane.
Airplanes can change the dynamic of a situation either by providing covering fire or releasing a barrage of bombs. If you find them tricky to fly, head to the Practice Range for a couple of undisturbed test runs. On the map deploy screen, choose a fighter or bomber plane, take to the skies, and fire away. You can complete this task by firing at other planes or ground targets. If you’re in a bomber, deliver the payload over highly-populated areas like contested flags, but watch out for anti-aircraft weapons. Which brings us to the next challenge.

Bird Hunt: Deal 100 damage to airplanes.
All manner of weapons can damage aircraft, including small arms like handguns. However, you can find anti-aircraft guns located on the battlefield, which let you become a serious threat to enemy planes. Simply approach these, hit the button to enter them, and aim towards the sky. And, of course, a good old-fashioned dog fight may also let you damage flying foes.

Trouble Ahead: Spot five enemy vehicles using Recon equipment.
Information is vital on the battlefield. The Recon class can alert teammates to incoming vehicles by using the Spotting Scope gadget. Just bring out these binoculars, look at enemy vehicles, and they will be highlighted with icons for you and your team to see. This act gives you points, and if a vehicle gets destroyed as a result of your spotting, you’ll earn even more.

Vehicular Dominance: Capture one objective in a vehicle.
With sheer mobility and their ability to absorb small arms fire, vehicles can be a strategic asset in capturing an objective. In this challenge, you need to secure a flag while in a vehicle. Try to go for flags that aren’t contested at the moment. The beginning of a Conquest round, where flags close to your HQ are unguarded and far from the enemy, is also a good opportunity.

Frontier Maintenance: Repair 100 vehicle damage as Support.
The Support class has the ability to repair damaged vehicles even while they are engaged in combat. Being close by in a skirmish could make the difference between being efficient or scrap. Deploy as a Support, stay close to friendly vehicles (pro tip: use their steel bodies as cover), and bring out your repair tool when your buddy behind the wheels suffers damage. If you choose the Combat Role called Engineer in the Customize menu before deploying, its Vehicle Fixer trait will make you even more efficient at this.

Single Sight: Kill an enemy from at least 50 meters while in a vehicle.
Accurate firing from a vehicle at long range can be very effective, and keeps your vehicle away from danger. There are several ways to approach this task. You can jump into a fighter plane and fire at infantry far below, you can be in the passenger seat of a light transport vehicle and use your soldier’s regular weapons, or you can use a tank’s mighty shells or machine guns. If you’re going the ground vehicle route, get more insight in LevelCap’s video on how to use tank weapons.

Perfect Placement: Damage a vehicle with an Anti-Tank Mine.
You can equip your Support and Assault class soldiers with AT Mines – a gadget which can be devastating to ground vehicles and provide a tactic that does not require you to put yourself in harm’s way. As mentioned, find the hotspots where vehicles often roam, plant some of these explosives, and wait for over-confident tankers to roll into town.

Armoured Might: As a squad, call in a Reinforcement vehicle.
If your squad does well on the battlefield, it will earn Requisition points. The squad leader can spend these points on calling in Reinforcements – some of which are vehicles. Complete this challenge by being in a squad that calls in one of these powerful vehicles: Sturmtiger, Churchill Crocodile, T48 GMC 6 pdr AT Half-track, or Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen. For a quick guide on how Reinforcements work, have a look at this video from pro player Westie.

Road Rage: Get one road kill.
Most vehicles are effective machines of destruction without ever firing a shot. Get close enough, and you can use vehicles to run over opponents for an instant kill. 50 tons of steel will get the job done, but if you find tanks too slow, try completing this one with something light like the Kettenkrad or M3 Halftrack. Until they read the kill card, your enemies won’t know what hit them. If you’re struggling with the handling, the Practice Range has an informative (and pretty darn fun) exercise for scoring road kills.

Mechanized Brawl: Destroy one tank.
The last hurdle before you can lay your hands on the Selbstlader 1906. Although a tank may seem like an unstoppable force, there is always a way to bring them down. Use the tools and tactics mentioned above and you’ll be successful. Combining Sticky Dynamite, AT Mines, AT Grenades, and Panzerfausts with rear/side attacks, weapon resupplies, and vehicle movement predictions makes a tasty recipe for delicious destruction. If you’re struggling, connect with some squad mates and launch a coordinated attack.

The Master All Ranges Assignment

Battlefield V already has a bunch of Special Assignments to choose from, but Tides of War comes with unique ones, which are available one week at a time. Assignments are found in Battlefield V’s main menu, and you can have up to four active at the same time. The rewards can be customization items like weapon skins and clothes, Company Coin, a big chunk of XP, and more.

During Week 3 of Chapter 1: Overture we’re adding an Assignment called Master All Ranges, challenging you to – you guessed it – master all ranges when fighting enemies. Complete all three tasks below and earn an extra 35,000 XP for your Chapter Rank.

Get five melee kills: Sneak up on your enemy and hit the melee button to strike with your knife, club, shovel, or whatever you’ve equipped as a melee tool. Try to attack from behind; you’ll get an instant kill and snatch the enemy’s Dog Tag, too. Attacking from other directions causes damage but does not guarantee getting a fatal hit – or surviving the encounter.

Get five kills under 40 meters: Here, you’ll put some more distance between you and your foes. Score a quintet of kills not farther than 40 meters from your target. Use your primary weapon, grenades, explosive gadgets, or whatever the situation requires.

Get five kills over 40 meters: You can do this with any class, but the Recon’s sniper rifles are a natural fit. If you don’t want to rely on single bullets, the light machine gun-wielding Support class is a good choice, too. Or, spawn into a tank or airplane on the map overview screen when deploying to deliver some serious firepower from afar. Unsure where the 40-meter mark is? Look at a nearby flag’s distance meter to get a better spatial sense.

Good luck with the challenges of Week 3. If you’re struggling, visit the Battlefield V Boot Camp – it has its own vehicle-specific section.

– Jonas Elfving

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