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Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture – Tips for the Challenges of Week 4

Master Grand Operations in the last Chapter Event of Chapter 1 and unlock the Ag m/42.

It’s time for the grand finale of the very first Chapter of Tides of War, the Battlefield™ V live service journey, with the last week of Chapter 1: Overture now in full swing.

Battlefield V has grown and evolved in several ways during Chapter 1: Overture, and many additions are now there forever for you to enjoy, such as the War Story The Last Tiger, the Panzerstorm map, and the Practice Range.

Other Chapter happenings are more fleeting. For instance, this is the last week you can work towards reaching maximum Chapter Rank (20) and earn the epic Soldier Set Dead Man’s Hand and a gold, Chapter 1-themed Dog Tag. As explained in our Tides of War progression article, you rise in Chapter Rank by earning Chapter XP, which is earned simply by playing the game during the Chapter in question. But for extra large chunks of Chapter XP, you should always jump on the weekly Chapter Events.

Grand Operations and Modes: Take on a New Chapter Event

So, what’s a Chapter Event? It’s a chance for you to unlock a great reward by tackling a group of chained in-game challenges. There are forks in the road to the end goal, and you get to decide the path. Each challenge will give you a Chapter XP reward when completed and, if you’ve got that far in the tree, can be taken on regardless if you’ve started (or completed) another route.

The Week 4 Chapter Event is called Grand Operations and Modes. It centers around the Battlefield V game modes and Grand Operations, hailed by many as the flagship of Battlefield V multiplayer.

In Grand Operations, you’ll fight across a plethora of maps and modes across up to four in-game “days.” What happens on one day affects your squad's position the next day. Secure a major victory and you'll have more troops and supplies the following day. Lose on Day 1, and you’ll be on the defensive with limited resources.

At the end of this Chapter Event challenge rainbow is the Ag m/42, a semi-automatic rifle for the Assault class. This weapon has low damage, but almost no drop-off and a good rate of fire, which makes it a fast-firing alternative to other long-range guns. Fast bullets and good accuracy support its long-range tuning. History buffs will know that the Swedish army fielded a limited number of these during World War 2. Some rifles found their way to Norway immediately after the war, and it’s possible that the Ag m/42 was also used by resistance groups.

Let’s go through the Chapter Event challenges. Some of these are fairly easy to complete, some more challenging, but we’ll give you pointers for all of them. If you want a crash course in what Grand Operations and the various game modes are, check out this article on the topic.

The Grand Scheme: Finish a Grand Operation.
Starting off simple, the first challenge in this gauntlet only requires you to jump into a Grand Operation and reach the end of its final day, regardless of end result. Whether you’ll fight on the snowy Norway maps, in North African deserts, on the streets of Rotterdam, or the French countryside, just stay in the fight and do your best, and you’ll advance to the new challenges.

PTFGO: Earn a 2,600 objective score in Grand Operations.
Each in-game day in Grand Operations has certain objectives depending on what game mode it contains. Whether it’s capturing flags, clearing sectors, or destroying artillery cannons, completing the objectives is rewarded with an objective score. Look around the battlefield (or the deploy screen's map) and you'll see icons directing you to key points. So, play the objective, get enough score, and you’ve soon cleared this one.

Practice Makes Precise: Kill ten enemies with headshots in Team Deathmatch.
A headshot will deal the maximum amount of damage to the enemy. You don’t have to be a Recon player to do this, but the weaponry of that class certainly helps. Find a good hiding place, use the Spotting Scope gadget to discover enemies, and hold your breath when lining up your shots.

Explosive Steps: Kill three enemies with grenades or other explosives.
Well-placed explosives such as grenades, Sticky Dynamite, and AT Mines may damage multiple targets in a radius around where they are detonated, giving an outnumbered player a brief advantage. Look for busy and close-quarter areas where these explosives shine, and try to approach the enemy from a side they won’t expect.

Shape the Battle: Build five Fortifications in objective areas in Grand Operations.
Hammer time! Fortifications can be built near the control points/flags and on other tactical areas of the map, providing additional cover and defensive positions to use in a Grand Operation. Head for a friendly flag (or an enemy’s, if you want to do it the hard way), hit the building tool button, and a bunch of icons will appear where Fortifications can be constructed. Lay down sandbags, board up windows, or build Supply Stations, and you’ll soon be done.

Greater Purpose: Capture three points in Grand Operations.
In Grand Operations, the Conquest, Breakthrough, and Frontlines modes center around Control Points, or flags. You capture these by being the dominant team in the area around the flag; i.e. by having more teammates in the designated area than the opposition. Follow your teammates who are advancing against a flag and do the capture together – it will go faster, and someone will have your back.

Rejection: Kill five enemies while defending an objective.
A defensive kill is accomplished by achieving a kill of an attacker who is in your team's captured objective area, or by achieving a kill while inside your team's objective area. Look for obvious points of entry to your Control Point and do it from a safe place, preferably from the high ground. Get five of these defensive kills and you’ve cleared this part of the Chapter Event.

Dominating: Earn 15,000 score in Domination.
In the infantry-only mode Domination, the objective is to hold as many of the control points at one time as possible. The more flags under a team's control, the faster the opposing team's tickets will count down. Vigilant squad mates and a tactical sense will help you in this one. Score points by capturing and holding control points and you’ll reach that 15k soon enough.

Infiltrate and Destroy: As a Squad, arm a bomb.
In Frontlines and Airborne, you’ll be destroying objectives using designated explosives picked up on the battlefield. Placing the explosive on an objective arms it and starts a countdown. The defending team has a chance to disarm the explosive once it has been placed. To complete this, get some friends to escort you as the enemy tend to constantly be on the bomb carrier’s tail.

Iron Ore: Win a Grand Operation.
Well done – you’ve reached the final challenge and the Ag m/42 is close to arriving in your Armory shipments. Just one task remains: emerging victorious in a Grand Operation. To achieve this, your team must be the victor on the final day, and the most effective path to victory comes through coordinated efforts to complete each day’s objectives. In other words: capture control points, attack or defend sectors, plant explosives, or stop the enemy from doing so. Communicate with your squad and your team has a better chance to be the grand winner.

New Special Assignment: The Launching Operation

There’s a Special Assignment solely dedicated to Grand Operations in Week 4, too. Complete three out of the four challenges below and you’ll be rewarded with 75,000 Chapter XP.

Win a Grand Operation in Norway: Fight the opposition and the freezing cold on the Narvik and Fjell 652 maps, be victorious after the final day, and you’re one third closer to that mighty XP reward.

Win a Grand Operation in the Netherlands: In Rotterdam and its bombed alter ego Devastation, your squad should learn every nook and cranny of the Dutch city to give your team the best chance to win the operation.

Win a Grand Operation in France: Play the objective on the fields of Arras and by the giant bridge of Twisted Steel and you’ll lead your Axis or Allies to victory before you can say fromage.

Win a Grand Operation in North Africa: Adapt to the desert heat of the vast Hamada and the fiery airfields of Aerodrome and focus on each day’s objectives. Your squad’s efforts will hopefully assist your team to success.

We hope you have a blast with the challenges of Week 4 and that your experiences will be as grand as our operations. 2019 is soon upon us, and we’ll kick off the new year with Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, coming in January. Brand new ways to enjoy Battlefield V are soon here with it, too: a Grand Operation, a mode, a Chapter Rank for Chapter 2, and fresh new Chapter Events.

– Jonas Elfving

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