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Armor on the Horizon: Take on the New Chapter Event Challenges

Unlock the Archer tank destroyer and the Mk III bolt-action rifle in two Weekly Challenges.

Time to unleash even more options to unlock new gear, rise in Chapter Rank, and triumph in exciting challenges. As Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes keeps on trucking, an additional Chapter Event with two Weekly Challenges is coming up – called Armor on the Horizon.

As you’ve probably seen in Battlefield™ V’s Tides of War menus, Weekly Challenges consist of several gameplay tasks where you get to choose the route you take towards a special reward waiting at the end. Each completed task earns you Chapter XP, which in turn gives you more rewards (our article on Chapter 2 progression contains a deep-dive into this).

Armor on the Horizon Weekly Challenge #1 (February 21 – February 28)
The first Weekly Challenge is a smorgasbord of tasks, covering a large chunk of the many gameplay opportunities you have on the battlefield – such as Fortifications, offensive strategies, grenade use, and more. If you reach the final task and complete it, you’ll unlock the Archer tank destroyer. This Allied construction is sure to strike fear into vehicular opponents, as it’s specialized in decapacitating and destroying enemy armor. Let’s have a look at what lies between it and you.

The Whites of Their Eyes: Kill an enemy from within 15 meters.
In the first task, you need to get up close. In close-quarters fights, shotguns, assault rifles, and SMGs are good choices for winning duels and getting quick kills. Don’t underestimate your sidearm though; if you’ve softened up the enemy with higher calibers, pistols and revolvers are perfect for following through when you don’t have time for a reload. The streets of Rotterdam and its demolished map sibling Devastation could be a good fit for this task.

Relentless Advance: Get ten offensive kills.
An offensive kill is when you defeat an enemy while trying to capture a control point held by the other team. To get ten of these more easily, bring your squad, keep an eye on the capture area of the objective you’re attacking, and follow up every kill by advancing towards your target.

Improved Visibility: Spot ten enemies with Spotting Flares in one life.
Spotting is a great way for Recon players to give extra eyes to their teammates. Enemies are often spotted one by one with the Spotting Scope, but for this task, we want you to use a (potentially) more efficient method. Equip your Recon with the Flare Gun gadget and shoot out flares over contested objectives or groups of enemies. This can reveal many foes on a wide area.

Hold the Line: Get ten defensive kills.
Don’t give them an inch. Be mindful that the ground you're standing on is worth dying for. To get ten defensive kills, be in the capture area for the objective you’re defending. Take advantage of Resupply Stations and defensive Fortifications to make sure the bullets are distributed according to plan.

Knock Down: Destroy ten Fortifications.
Bring it down, smoke ‘em out. Using explosives to destroy Fortifications like barbed wire, sandbags, and barricades may reveal an exposed flank, or give you and your teammates a clear sightline to anyone behind them. Do it ten times, and you’ll gain Chapter XP and a way forward in the challenge tree.

Shore Up: Build five Fortifications.
Want to be constructive instead? Keep those sandbags and that barbed wire coming. Invaluable for defense, Fortifications impede the enemy and keep you safe from snipers. Any class can build these, but the Support class is the Fortification master. Hit the toolbox button near flags and you’ll see silhouettes of what can be built.

Keep Them Running: Repair teammates’ vehicles for 150 health.
Support class players have a nifty ace up their sleeve, the blowtorch repair tool. Bring this out when a friendly ride needs a do-over (it’s the same button used for building Fortifications). Remember that if a tank, halftrack, or other vehicle is damaged, there’s a reason for it; be wary of enemy presence before going for the repair. Another pro tip: use the vehicle itself as cover.

Operational Success: Win three matches.
Keep track of your objectives and work with your teammates to achieve victory – threefold. This can be done in any game mode, so pick your favorite, or, if you’re in a hurry, a quick one like Team Deathmatch. Another great way to tackle this is by playing a Grand Operation, perhaps the latest called Battle of Hannut. Epic scale and mode variety is guaranteed!

On Two Feet: Heal or revive teammates ten times.
If you’re playing as the Medic class, you can always use your Syringe to revive fallen team mates. If you’ve equipped the Bandages or Medical Crate gadget, you can use these on the battlefield to keep your teammates healthy. Fancy playing as another class? Use Buddy Revives on players bleeding out – note that they must be part of your squad, though.

Fire in the Hole: Arm an objective in Airborne, Rush, or Frontlines.
Securing the target is only half the job, you still need to light the fuse. Objectives in Airborne, Frontlines, and Rush need someone to take the risk of arming them. That someone could be you. Be aware that the person carrying the explosives is highly sought-after by the enemy, so bring some assistance when trying to pull off this stunt.

Common Goal: Complete three Squad Orders.
In the list of squad members in the lower left corner of the screen, you’ll see a star-shaped symbol on one of the names. This is the squad leader. If this is you, be sure to give orders. Simply look at an objective and hit the danger ping button and your squad will see where to focus their efforts. If you’re a squad member, follow these orders – it will mean extra points. This task requires three completed Squad Orders and can be completed by both squad leaders and members.

Device Disabled: Disarm an armed objective.
Modes like Airborne and Rush have an explosive touch, as they revolve around the arming of certain objects with explosives. If you’re on the defending side, don’t give up because the enemy managed to arm an objective. Push them back and go for the disarm by interacting with the object. Make sure to have your back covered as this area is of crucial interest to both teams.

Pineapple Mash: Deal 500 damage using hand grenades.
Grenades come in many forms. Some detonate after a short time, some on impact, and some burst into a sea of flames. There are grenades ideal for vehicles, and grenades feared by infantry. So, head to the Company menu and choose your favorite throwable. Toss grenades on highly-populated areas like flags or close-quarter areas where enemies have nowhere to run.

Armor on the Horizon Weekly Challenge #2 (February 28 – March 7)
The second Weekly Challenge delivers extra interest to Recon class fans. On top of all the Chapter XP to be earned, the final reward is the Mk III rifle. For a straight-pull, bolt-action rifle, this weapon has a high rate of fire, which puts it more on the “light” range. Its iron sights keep a pretty clear view, making the Mk III more useful on medium ranges.

The Objective: Capture, arm, or disarm an objective.
Though you’re helping your team by scoring kills, resupplying, and building Fortifications, there’s always a larger, overarching goal in every Battlefield V game mode. In modes like Conquest, Domination, and Breakthrough, it’s about capturing objectives on the map, while in Airborne and Rush, you need to arm or defuse bombs. Do one of these a single time and the first task is complete.

Shoot for the Stars: Deal 400 damage to airplanes.
Take care to not hit the treetops. In this task, you need to deal 400 damage to enemy fighters and bombers by any means necessary. All weapons can damage aircraft, but flak cannons and mounted machine guns work best. Give this a go on a high-altitude map like Fjell 652, where AA guns are plentiful and the aerodynamic action is close.

Mudwrestler: Kill three enemies with melee weapons or bayonets.
No matter how modern warfare becomes, you will always have to worry about something small and sharp. “Backstabbing” may have a negative ring to it, but in Battlefield V, it’s effective, quicker than reloading, and rewarded with a cool animation of you nabbing your foe’s Dog Tags. The trick is getting close enough; try to approach the enemy lines by flanking and look for popular spots for sedentary snipers.

Eyes on the Prize: Score 3,500 objective points.
Every mission has a purpose. Capture the flags, pick up the bombs, arm the objectives. Or prevent your enemies from doing the same. In this task, play the objective and rewards will rain upon both you and your team.

Toybox: Resupply teammates’ ammunition using Ammo Crates or use Ammo Crates 15 times.
The Ammo Crate is one of the Support class gadgets. When unlocked (after a few hours of game time with the class), Support players can place these crates on the ground and let teammates interact with them to refill their ammo. Do this, and/or help yourself to more lead from Ammo Crates from other generous players, and you’ll gain some more sweet Chapter XP.

Long Road Ahead: Score 2,000 points in Grand Operations.
Grand Operations travel the globe in multi-map, multi-mode battles taking place over several in-game days. Adapt to the unique landscapes of North Africa, France, Norway, Holland, and – in the new Grand Operation Battle of HannutBelgium. To complete this task, simply give it your all in Grand Operations and help  your team. You’ll score points from capturing objectives, getting kills, resupplying teammates, and more.

One Man Army: Suppress or kill seven enemies in one life.
Getting the kill in a firefight is one of several ways to help your team and score points. Laying down suppressive fire is another. Suppression pins down enemies and impairs their sight with a temporary visual effect. Try it with the Support class and its Combat Role Machine Gunner, which grants increased suppression ability and the bonus of fully-suppressed enemies becoming spotted. To complete this without dying, keep a Medic close and the action at mid-range.

Grand Ambitions: Win two days in Grand Operations.
Victory in a single battle may not win the war, but it helps. As you may know, Grand Operations consist of three to four in-game “days,” with each day featuring its own game mode. Winning a day influences your team’s starting conditions the next day. Emerge victorious in two days (it doesn’t have to be in the same Grand Operation) and this one’s yours.

Second Wind: Capture, arm, or disarm two objectives in one life.
Though always a reasonable strategy, avoiding bullets isn’t the only way to stay alive on the battlefield. Bring a Medical Pouch to your firefights (you spawn with one, and there are more in Medical Crates if you run out) and keep Medics and squad members near so you can be revived. Without dying, capture a flag or deliver/disarm explosives in the modes mentioned in the first task of this Weekly Challenge.

Primary Priority: Capture, arm, or disarm six objectives.
Only one thing remains before the Mk III bolt-action rifle will be in your Recon soldier’s steady hands. Echoing the first task, capture, arm, or disarm objectives – six times. You know the drill by now: flag-capturing and bomb-handling – and doing it through team work – is your recipe for success.

Choose wisely and play with passion as you progress through the Weekly Challenges of Armor on the Horizon. Enjoy your challenges and rewards and read our article on Chapter 2 progression for more info on what your Chapter Event efforts will bring.

– Jonas Elfving

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