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Top Ten Firestorm Gameplay Tips

Find out how you can earn that “V” for victory with these helpful strategies.

In this video Westie gives you some great strategies for success in Battlefield™ V: Firestorm.

Tip 1: Destruction

One of the biggest differences between Firestorm and most battle royale games is the element of destruction. Buildings, walls, and even vehicles can be knocked down or blown to pieces –

forcing players to remain hyper aware of their surroundings and approaching enemies. Use destruction to take down or flush out enemies and remember not to rely on the illusion of safety that taking shelter in a home or building can give you.

Tip 2: Audio

Battlefield V includes great audio features that give you the ability to customize your own soundscape. But it’s absolutely vital to use a good pair of headphones so that you can hear everything from the approaching rumble of a tank to the exact location of the enemy that’s creeping up behind you.

The War Tapes sound preset (under your Audio Settings) will massively compress the audio and makes different sounds the same volume. Footsteps will be much clearer against ambient noise. The 3D Headphones preset is another good option, giving you a good directional audio system regardless of the type of headphones you’re wearing.

Tip 3: Inventory Management

Once you’ve got boots on the ground your first order of business is finding as much loot as you can as quickly as possible. In Firestorm, you have two inventory slots for primary weapons and a single slot for a sidearm – giving you the ability to carry a total of three firearms at a time. Your inventory appears in the bottom right corner of your screen and will expand as you scavenge more items. You can increase the size of your inventory by finding larger backpacks, but ultimately the amount you can carry is limited so try to focus on the best loot you can find. Effective inventory management can mean the difference between a successful round or a quick trip back to the hangar.

 Tip 4: Loot Rarity

Understanding the rarity system is key to survival in Firestorm. Loot comes in four different rarity levels: Common (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold). Weapons fall into the first three rarities, and the higher the rarity, the better the active Specializations and the better the optics it will have. Common (green) weapons are base level, no Specializations and come equipped with iron sights. A Rare (blue) weapon will have a short-range optic attached plus two lower-level Specializations. Epic (purple) weapons come with longer-range optic options and two higher-level Specializations.

 Tip 5: Finding the Best Loot

Supply Drops and Objectives will provide you with the best loot. Strongboxes are scattered throughout the map, and they’ll hold loot in a variety of rarities. They’re orange and stamped with the Sulis logo, so pretty easy to spot. Look for Safes in more high-profile landmark locations. They will take time to open but you’re guaranteed Rare and Epic loot for your time and trouble. Supply Drops are randomly dropped from above, look for green smoke to easily locate them on the ground. They also have a higher chance of dropping Rare and Epic loot, but the tell-tale green smoke will probably attract a lot of local attention. Objectives can be easily located on the map but must be secured (either solo or with your squad) before you’ll be rewarded. While the loot is plentiful, these locations are known to all players on the map.

 Tip 6: Health and Armor

Survival in Firestorm comes down to more than just securing the best weapons and gadgets. You’ll start the round with 150 health, and you can potentially add up to 150 armor as well. Collect Healing Syrettes for a quick health boost (you can carry a maximum of eight), and Armor Plates to refill damaged ones in your Armor Vest. When you begin you’ll only have a single slot for Armor Plates, so keep an eye out for Rare and Epic level Vests which can hold two and three respectively. A fully healed and armored player can take up to 300 damage before being taken out in solo play or knocked down in squad play. If you are knocked down in a squad, you have a further 150 health in that state before you’re officially K.I.A. You can move while in the knocked down state and there are opportunities for squadmates to revive you so if you can take cover you should do so.

 Tip 7: How Your Soldier Looks

You can take any member of your Company into Firestorm but think about what your soldier is wearing and whether or not it’s likely to help you blend in with the scenery or stand out like a sore thumb. If you decide on a more subtle look, change the appearance of your soldier before you matchmake into Firestorm.

 Tip 8: Study the Map

Try to learn as many of the locations on the Halvøy map as possible. As soon as the map starts the ring of fire will have appeared, making certain areas of the map inaccessible. Feeling comfortable dropping into almost any area because you know where to find the loot you need quickly, and the general lay of the land will definitely give you the upper hand.

 Tip 9: Vehicles

Vehicles can definitely turn the tide of battle, but in Firestorm they carry limited amounts of fuel which limits their range considerably. At some point players need to get out of the vehicle to refuel it (if they have extra fuel) or abandon it entirely. All players should try to find anti-vehicle weapons like the Panzerfaust, but don’t be in a hurry to use them. Spend a little time covertly following them first and wait for the right opportunity to strike.

If you want to secure a powerful vehicle, locate the nearest Vehicle Lockup. Turn the wheels to the right and left of the bunker doors to open them and prepare yourself for the blaring alarm that will sound when you do.

 Tip 10: Don’t Get Caught in the Fire

As soon as you’re engulfed in the ring of fire, you’ll start taking damage. The noise and heat distortions will make it very difficult to see or hear anything back in the safe zone – putting you at a significant disadvantage. There’s no way to use the ring of fire strategically, the only thing you can do is try to avoid it as much as possible.

Have some more questions? Find your answers on our Battlefield V Firestorm Boot Camp page.

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