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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 1, 2011

Battlefield 3 Redefines Vehicular Manslaughter

An astounding array of vehicles has always been the hallmark of the Battlefield series, and Battlefield 3 is no exception. It boasts 20 vehicles across 12 classes, each one fully customizable. In the latest installment of Battleblog, the DICE team reveals new details of just how expansive the vehicular component of Battlefield 3 is.

Tweaking the performance of your vehicle of choice is simple in execution and complex in options. There are 80 unlockable specialization upgrades that can be equipped to vehicles in one of three customization slots: secondary weapon, gadget, and upgrade. These specializations are unlocked by vehicle class based on the number of kills you score using any vehicle of that class.

In addition to offering the deepest vehicle customization to date in the series, DICE has overhauled vehicular combat to make it a more balanced, intense experience. Too often in the past, tank drivers barreled headlong into combat zones only to abandon their tanks when the going gets tough.

Finally, Battlefield 3 will also introduces armor recovery for vehicles that are only lightly damaged, but fending off the enemy until Engineer support can arrive is sure to result in some truly nail-biting moments. To learn more, be sure to check out the full blog post on the Battlefield site.

Battlefield 3 will release on October 25th in North America. Pre-order your copy on Origin today to receive early access to the open beta in September and other awesome exclusives.