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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Feb 1, 2012

Chat With Syndicate’s Senior Level Designer

You’ve played the demo, put down the General, and hacked your way through some cyberpunk skulls. Now, share your comments and questions about Syndicate’s co-op mode with Senior Level Designer, Andreas Gshwari.

Gshwari will be kicking off our chat this Monday at 11:00 a.m. PST with a discussion of the newly-released demo and the unique design choices that went into the creation of Syndicate's co-op mode. After that, we’ll dive into the Q&A portion of the event, where community members will be able to submit live questions about the demo.

If you’d like to sign up for a reminder about the chat, you can do so from the Syndicate live chat page. You can also participate in the chat by using the "Cover It Live" feature on that page.

Looking for an edge on launch day? Pre-order Syndicate on Origin to get exclusive access to the Executive Package, which includes solid gold versions of all loadout guns in co-op, golden DART chip vision, and executive gold Syndicate logos.