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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 7, 2011

Harry Potter Demo Now Available

Grab your wand and prepare for the final fight because a new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 demo is available on Origin today! Will Hogwarts fall or will you stand your ground against the forces of evil?

Featuring two full levels from the game, you’ll get a great taste of the epic conclusion to the Harry Potter game series several days before the official July 12th release.

Step into the shoes of your favorite heroes and wield the grand magic of powerful wizards as you duel your most dangerous and fearsome enemies in the wizarding world and desperately fight to defend your home.

We’ve also added two new screenshots from the game showing off some tense scenes, be sure to take a look!

With the weight of the wizarding world on your shoulders, now is no time to be a muggle. Live your dreams and, for today, be the most powerful wizard in the world. Pre-order today!