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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 13, 2012

Madden NFL 13 By The Numbers

Madden NFL 13 hit shelves on August 28 and it’s been off to a huge start: fans played the equivalent of 47,000 NFL regular seasons in just the first seven days, it’s had the highest day-one usage for any Madden title, there were an average of 3,000 Madden games started every minute on Labor Day and so far there have been a total of 81,516,738 total games played.

Whoa – that’s a lot of football.

So where are all these fans and what have been the most popular teams? Here's a breakdown, check it out:

Top Ten States Playing Madden

1.    California
2.    New York
3.    Texas
4.    Pennsylvania
5.    Florida
6.    New Jersey
7.    Illinois
8.    Ohio
9.    Maryland
10.  Virginia

Top Ten Most Popular Teams Used

1.    San Francisco 49ers
2.    Philadelphia Eagles
3.    Dallas Cowboys
4.    Baltimore Ravens
5.    Green Bay Packers
6.    New York Giants
7.    Houston Texans
8.    Chicago Bears
9.    Washington Redskins
10.  New England Patriots

It looks like EA’s home state of California came out on top in both lists! What’s your favorite team? Sound off in the comments and check out this video from EA SPORTS with our first week results!