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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jul 13, 2011

MONOPOLY HERE & NOW Available on iPad

Buy up the hottest properties on earth and summon your inner tycoon in the all-new WORLD EDITION of MONOPOLY! From Rome and Paris, to Barcelona and beyond, this worldly take on the American classic lets you own the world.

Relive the timeless board game experience with the new Tabletop Mode. Now you can sit around your iPad, family style, and enjoy the MONOPOLY game everyone knows and loves. You can even customize your house rules!

You can jump right into a game with up to three other players in Play Now Mode, or connect and play over multiple devices via local WiFi or Bluetooth! If you’re still mastering your upscale real-estate racket, Teacher Mode can provide helpful hints and tips to improve your strategy.

From the Mediterranean and the Baltic to Montreal and more, enjoy new ways to play with friends with MONOPOLY HERE & NOW World Edition. Grab it today!