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POSTED BY Peter Moore ON Aug 2, 2011

EA SPORTS Season Ticket Arrives Today

For months, if not the past several years now, I’ve made no secret that I think the global language of sports uniquely positions EA SPORTS to be a leader in the digital transformation of our industry.  While we’re far from there yet, we have been laser focused for some time now on connecting fans from across the world through sports and games, on delivering year-round products and services, and on creating persistent experiences that span platforms. 

Videogames have become the most dynamic – and social – form of entertainment on the planet, and our goal of introducing compelling new ways to enhance the experiences fans have playing our games has never been more clear.  That’s why today we’re pleased to announce the launch of EA SPORTS Season Ticket, which is another step in supporting our vision of transforming how deeply fans can connect with the sports games they love through digital products and services. 

EA SPORTS Season Ticket is an all-new program that provides new benefits for a better gaming experience on five EA SPORTS titles for the Xbox 360 and PS3. For a $24.99 annual fee, memberswill receive full access to EA SPORTS games three days before launch, a 20% discount on downloadable game content, free premium web content and membership recognition.  You can read more about EA SPORTS Season Ticket here

We’ve spent considerable time listening to fans and building this program, and our goal has been to create something for our core audience….people who want to play our games sooner; who either play, or have always wanted to play, several different EA SPORTS games; who enhance their games with downloadable content; or who have an appetite for premium web content.  It’s not unlike the way I augment my sports television experience by having memberships to MLB.tv to watch the Red Sox and Liverpoolfc.tv to watch the Mighty Reds.

We also know EA SPORTS Season Ticket isn’t for everyone, which is why non-subscribers can continue to play exactly the way they do today.  Our games on disc continue to have all the same great content, and nothing changes.  This is entirely additive content for our biggest fans. 

Make no mistake, a new initiative like EA SPORTS Season Ticket will continue to quickly evolve and transform to meet the demands of our fans.  In the meantime, EA SPORTS Season Ticket represents an opportunity for us to deliver unique digital offerings that will continue to transform gaming experiences and provide a flexible platform for enhancements based on feedback.

These are exciting times, not only for EA SPORTS but for our industry as a whole, and I’m proud of the work that we’ve undertaken to transform how and where our fans now interact with games and each other.

I’m eager to hear about your experiences using EA SPORTS Season Ticket so check it out and let me know what you think.