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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 27, 2011

See Who Gets Cut Next In The Controller

If you’ve been following our posts about The Controller – the new YouTube-only Battlefield 3 reality show – you’ll know that our favorite part of the show is seeing pro gamers squirm.

We love watching vetted gaming experts bite their nails as their noob teammates miss yet another shot. We love seeing them react to each new Battlefield 3-inspired physical challenge. And we love guessing who’s going to be sent home next.

Episode two of The Controller picks up with the Green Team eliminated and the $50,000 prize still dangling torturously over the heads of our five remaining pro/novice pairs. Watch the full clip to see who gets dishonorably discharged this time:

Think you can outgun than the amateurs? Or even the pros? Pick up your copy of Battlefield 3 on Origin and see how good your aim really is. Then, tune back in next Friday for episode three.