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Super Bowl XLVI Head-to-Head Challenge – You Decide the Winner!

We know everyone’s waiting for the Madden NFL 12 Super Bowl sim, but what if you had the ability to pick the winner? Are you hoping the Patriots get some hardware to confirm their status as a dynasty team? Do you want the Giants to redeem a spotty defense and the often embattled Tom Coughlin by taking home the top prize? We’ve now created a way for you to decide the outcome and bask in your teams Super Bowl glory.

Watch the video and then vote for the team you want to win with you VIEWS and LIKES. You can vote as many times as you want, so feel free to pass it along to any other NFL fans you know. Once you’ve voted you can see a sneak peek of the game day glory that’s in store for your winning pick.

You can see all the Madden NFL 12 playoff sims on our YouTube channel, along with hints, tips and our favorite fan plays. http://www.youtube.com/user/EASPORTS?feature=watch

Don’t forget to check back here on Monday January 30th when we reveal the official Super Bowl XLVI simulation!