SimCity Deluxe for Kindle Fire


Build and manage your dream city on Kindle Fire.

Made for dedicated and casual players alike, let your inner urban planner run wild with the world’s favorite city building simulation game.

Choose from 7 cities inspired by world famous locations. As Mayor and City Planner, guide your city through multifaceted scenarios, from staging a glorious World Games to coping with natural disasters like blizzards, electrical storms, and locust plagues!

Build and re-build. See what’s possible in your SimCity™! 

  • Overview
    • Get started with 7 Cities based on famous locations
    • Challenge yourself with 7 Scenarios
    • Manage your city through 4 distinct seasons -- Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
    • React to new seasonal disasters, including a Meteor Strike
    • Performance enhancements include improved zooming and instant image rendering while scrolling
    • Enjoy New Building Art
    • View your work from multiple angles