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Behind Closed Doors: Meet Joel Emslie, Art Director on Titanfall 2

We chatted with Joel Emslie, Art Director on Titanfall 2, about the game and his experiences at gamescom


gamescom is the perfect place to meet passionate creators, working in the best studios. Joel Emslie is one of them. He is the Art Director on Titanfall 2, a title he also held on the first Titanfall, and the man responsible for designing the game’s epic Titans. Prior to joining Respawn, Joel was Art Lead on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

We had the chance to talk with Joel about the game and what fans are getting a chance to go hands-on with here at gamescom 2016.

Joel, it’s a pleasure to meet you here at gamescom. Are you familiar with the expo, or is it your first time here?

I've been making video games since 1996 but it's my first time at gamescom and it is absolutely amazing! There is nothing else like it and I feel very lucky to be here. 

It’s exciting that you and the team at Respawn Entertainment have brought Titanfall 2 here so players can try it out, right?

I think that the first Titanfall game was a little bit harder to get your hands on with, so what's exciting is the opportunity for the people to experience the game. We like to hear the feedback from the fans, and we’re excited to kick off the Tech Test this weekend so players can help us to stress the game. We encourage everybody to try breaking the game during it!

What is the best part about presenting the sequel here in Cologne?

Getting some precious feedback for the last weeks of development and probably seeing the gamescom fans playing the game for the first time.

How many visitors are you expecting on the Titanfall 2 pods during gamescom?

I’m not sure – I’ve heard rumors about hundred of thousands of people coming to the show. That's overwhelming to hear, those numbers are incredible and having that many stations (close to 200 on 4 different areas) is amazing for us.

What has been the overall reaction from the fans and the community so far?

It has been flattering, humbling... incredible! I think everybody is really excited to see the Single Player mode of Titanfall 2 and, surprisingly, the people who already saw it understood the humor we added to it. They also say that the game is doing a better job at building the relationship between the Pilots and the Titans. It's cool to see the players laughing a little bit while they play the Single Player, I think we found the right balance between fun moments and kickass time.

For those who have not been there yet: Can you describe the Titanfall 2 booth at the show floor?

Yeah, we’re showing two Multiplayer game modes. Amped Hardpoint, which is an evolution of Hardpoint from the first Titanfall. We are also showing a new mode called Bounty Hunt, where two factions face off against each other and some new AI entities are introduced into the environment. Both sides are hunting those entities for points, which you have to deposit and secure after each waves. It's a good mode because it uses all the new Titanfall 2 multiplayer features: boosts, amped weapons, etc. 

What are the most noteworthy features you want the players to pay attention to in Titanfall 2?

One of the most important thing is that we have been able to deliver a really robust Single Player mode and the players are going to get a lot of unexpected moments. Even on the development side, it was surprising to see where the game and the mechanics took us.


Titanfall 2 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28.

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