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Charles de Rousiers

Pushing the graphical fidelity for blockbuster video games like Battlefield, Mass Effect and future titles is what inspires Software Engineer Charles de Rousiers. Learn more about his role at EA DICE Sweden as part of the Frostbite Team.


How did you join the Frostbite team?

DICE has been one of my favorite studios for a long time, and I really admired the Frostbite team’s work on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. So, the choice to move to Sweden was very easy when I was offered the job as a Software Engineer on the Frostbite team.

I joined Frostbite a couple of months after Battlefield 3 shipped in late 2011. It was easy to get acquainted with the Frostbite team, and I quickly made myself at home in Sweden. The winter was a bit long, perhaps, but I’m very happy to be here. I couldn’t dream of being in a better place. Working on Frostbite here in Stockholm is a labor of love!

What do you enjoy most about working on Frostbite?

One of the things I appreciate the most about the Frostbite team is the amount of teamwork going on. Have a problem? Just chat with your colleagues and you will find an awesome solution together.

The benefit of working on the engine itself also means we aren’t restricted to one game title at a time. We’re in touch with a lot of game teams, so we address a large range of problems and features. I find that very rewarding, as opposed to working on a single title.

What brought you into the video game industry?

After I finished my Ph.D. in Computer Graphics in France, I wanted to find a career in the video game industry. There are many concrete challenges to address in this industry, and there is a lot of research that can be directly applied to our outcomes.

I started applying for jobs abroad in several studios. I grew up in France, but I wanted to live and work in another country to take in new experiences. I had already spent some time abroad during my studies and I’ve always enjoyed living outside of France, so I eagerly accepted this position in Sweden.

What does an average day at work look like for you?

My daily work on the team is quite varied: I do coding, playing, miscellaneous problem solving, brainstorming, helping other team members, and chatting with artists. The diversity means it never gets boring!

What interests you most about your work on Frostbite?

I’ve always been into visuals, and I think it’s interesting how we’re now getting enough horsepower to almost rival movies when it comes to rendering complex materials, beautiful particle effects and proper lighting – all in real time.

There will always be abstract and heavily stylized games, and I think that’s great. But for a first-person shooter game like Battlefield or a racing game like Need for Speed, I think people will always strive for photo realism in an attempt to increase immersion. That’s the part of rendering that piques my interest the most.


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