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Meet Lianne Lardizabal

Career News


Title: Software Engineer
Location: Vancouver, BC
Organization: EA Worldwide Studios


Tell us your background.

I studied Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Prior to joining EA, I worked and researched in areas including backend development, machine learning, and operating systems. I also participated in major computer science conferences across North America, thanks to scholarships I won from Google, Grace Hopper Celebration, Society of Women Engineers, UBC, and more.

Apart from my passion for computer science, I love competing in sports! I won the Top Athlete of the Year Award in my high school graduating class. The main sports I played were volleyball and basketball, but I also competed in track & field, dragon boating, and tennis. In university, I made a transition into martial arts and competed in kickboxing for 2 years. Currently, I compete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, complemented by strength training.

How did you get started at EA?

As a lover of software development and creating art, EA’s video game products undoubtedly sparked my interest in the company. I applied online for a Software Engineer role and went through the interview process shortly after. The next day, I was given a job offer!


What do you do at EA?

My role as a Software Engineer involves developing build and test automations, managing the pipeline infrastructure to support continuous integration, and maintaining the health of our builds. I implement new software solutions to improve the workflow of my team.

I was also part of the team of engineers that worked on FIFA 18. Working on a best-selling game is a rewarding and challenging experience. I really enjoy the high intensity of “final period” because everyone is focused and motivated to ship the final product.

However, working at EA also means there is a healthy work-life balance. In addition to attending team and campus-wide events throughout the year, I also enjoy using my studio's gym whenever I need to take a break from sitting at my desk!


What is it like being a woman in gaming with EA?

Working at EA gives me the confidence to take ownership of my career path and to create products used on a global scale. Creating large-scale games is a fascinating and complex process that requires numerous specialized teams. With all these opportunities at hand, along with a supportive network of managers and colleagues, I feel comfortable pursuing any passion of mine in software development. Video game development at EA is a great experience for anyone who loves to learn and wants to make an impact on products that are recognized worldwide, whether you’re a “gamer” or not. EA has big plans to change the future of gaming and I am really excited to be part of that.

EA offers many avenues to promote safe and supportive communities for all kinds of individuals. For example, EA has a group called “Women’s Ultimate Team” to encourage and retain gender diversity in the gaming industry. At my studio, our EA Women’s Ultimate Team partners with Girls Who Code to host programming workshops. Young girls are invited to learn about career development and to work on coding exercises with our engineers.

I also attended the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing. This conference aims to unify a community of women in computer science, a field that is known to be male-dominated. EA made a presence there by hosting a booth to recruit and interact with attendees. Through initiatives like partnering with Girls Who Code and attending GHC17, EA recognizes the importance of inclusion and its value for creating a positive work environment.


Any advice for women who want to pursue a career at EA?

Develop tangible skills, be open to learning, and be a team player! Your skillset does not have to match every single bullet point on a job description, but it should demonstrate that you are capable of learning different skills and producing good work. The job itself will also require learning concepts that you may not know yet, so be prepared to dedicate time to expand your knowledge on the tech stack and workflow. Finally, EA is composed of people who are bright, helpful, and fun. Be sure to ask lots of questions and join the excitement when there are team events! These moments are excellent opportunities to build connections with your team and to make your time at EA a memorable experience.

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