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Meet Our Summer Intern - Trisha

Career News

Interested in pursuing a career at EA? Our internship program provides great opportunities for students to start and grow their career, while cultivating their passions along the way. Interns at EA come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels and have a diverse range of stories to tell. Read about Trisha’s here.


Name: Trisha Agarwal

Title: Software Engineering Intern

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

School: Lafayette College

Tell us about yourself and your background?

I am an international student from Kolkata, India. I am generally ambitious, competitive, determined and love challenges. However, I am also little obsessive at times and need to check my own urges. Outside of my classes, I am very passionate about social justice and community engagement along with their intersection with technology. Exposing younger girls to technology is probably the best representation of the kind of causes that interest me most.

What are you currently studying at Lafayette College?

I am studying computer science because I love building but hate fiddling with things. Computer Science allows me to build without having to work with little parts. I also enjoy the mathematical view of the world that Computer Science instils in its students; as the computer at the very base level only understands addition and subtraction of 1s and 0s. My second major, math helps me understand this side of CS better.

What interests you most about a STEM career?

I have always been very curious about how things work. As a child, it was never enough for me to know that something could perform a certain function. I needed to know how. So I took it apart. Eventually, I realized that most of the logic was controlled by computers. In the 11th grade, I was given the opportunity to learn how to program computers and taking it was a no brainer. I also enjoy the fast-paced competitive environment that most technology companies foster along with the challenge of keeping up with technology.

What drew you to attend Grace Hopper Conference and how did you find it beneficial?

The Computer Science Program at Lafayette is relatively small. In my first year, the number of females was in the single digit. Grace Hopper was my chance to meet women who were in positions I aspired to be or on the same path as me. It was also an opportunity for me to learn about technology in a space where I did not feel conscious of being one of the few females in the room. Lastly, since GHC is the biggest women in computing conference in the world, I think one can gauge a company’s commitment to diversifying technology from their representation at the conference; something that is very important for me when choosing my workplace. Grace Hopper helped me meet all of these goals while also improving my networking and interviewing skills and growing my networks. As an Anita Borg Institute Scholar, I was able to meet and network with some truly exceptional women in intimate settings.

How did EA’s push for inclusion and work in technology attract you to pursue one of our internship opportunities?

The first positive sign for me at GHC was the fact that EA seemed to be passionate about meeting and recruiting young women. They had a very big booth with plenty of people and seemed genuinely interested in giving women the chance to secure an offer. However, for me, EA’s offer was set apart from other companies by the Employee Resource Groups that EA has. The interviewer talked about ERGs as places of support and growth which are extremely important when the work is stressful. 

What about EA appealed to you as a place to learn and grow?

EA was an obvious choice. I wanted to know what it was like to be a software engineer in an industry and at a gaming company on the cutting edge of technology. Further, I figured working on games could never be boring and I was not wrong!

What was your path that brought you to EA?

I did not perfectly orchestrate getting this internship. I was standing in line for coffee at GHC, talking to someone about C++ who happened to be a Senior Recruiter for EA. He asked me to send him my resume and set up a last-minute technical interview for me on the final day of the conference. When the interview hall closed during my interview, my interviewer and I found an empty bench to finish it up. From there it was another team fit interview and soon I received an offer! 

How do you think your internship at EA will help you on your career path?

I was fairly set on going to graduate school and getting a PhD after I finished college. However, I had never worked in industry before and EA was my chance to give it a shot. I REALLY enjoyed the fast-paced, challenging nature of work at EA, something that is lost in research and am now focused on being a Software Engineer. Further, my manager at EA was a software engineer turned Technical Manager and that seems like a great career option for me as well.

What is your role at EA?

I worked on tools and stability related tasks at EA. I helped make some infrastructural changes to move to Madden’s new goal of a yearless code structure. I also helped with integration of code from different places. Lastly, I worked on tools that the Madden team uses like a slack bot and Madden Ultimate Team tool.

What do you think makes EA a unique place to advance your knowledge of technology?

As I said before, being on the cutting edge of technology and software engineering practices, the thrill and adventure of making a game and the push for diversity really made EA a great fit for me.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am a giant foodie. All the TV shows, a good part of the books and articles I read are related to food. I love being in the kitchen and cooking for people. Trying new restaurants and cuisines is always a priority for me. People are surprised to know that I am a vegetarian. However, I try to convince them that vegetarian food can be healthy, tasty and full of protein.


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