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Meet Our Summer Intern - Victoria

Career News

Interested in pursuing a career at EA? Our internship program provides great opportunities for students to start and grow their career, while cultivating their passions along the way. Interns at EA come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels and have a diverse range of stories to tell. Read about Victoria’s here.


Title: Software Engineer Intern

Location: Redwood Shores

School: New York University (NYU)

Field of Study: Computer Science, Cyber Security minor


Describe yourself and your background.

As a rising senior at NYU, I have been very active in the student leadership community over the past few years. I am passionate about always learning new things and using what I learn to help others. I love traveling to new places and meeting new people. 

What are you studying and why? 

I am studying Computer Science and Cyber Security. In high school, no one around me knew what either of these were - there was no Computer Science education in my school. However, I was always extremely fond of Math and excelled in the subject, so I knew I wanted to do something in engineering. I opened a compiler in my first computer science lab of college and felt like the only person in the room who had absolutely no idea what was going on. Eventually, I pushed through, and found an absolute passion for computer science. I think what drew me to it was what made me love math: a love for logic and solving puzzles. Now, with cybersecurity, not only do I get to learn how to solve problems - I also get to learn how to break them (and keep others from doing the same). 

What about a career in STEAM was of interest to you? 

I love building things. I also love working around brilliant people. Oftentimes, people think of the arts as the only place to be creative, but I don’t think that’s true. Engineering is about thinking outside the box and coming up with ways to solve the most critical issues of today - it takes very creative people to be able to do this.

What drew you to the Grace Hopper Conference and how did you find it beneficial?

I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from NYU Tandon’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering to attend GHC last year. It was absolutely mind-blowing - I walked away feeling refreshed, empowered, and driven. I also walked away with multiple job offers including my internship here at EA! I was originally contacted by Tolu Adesina, a recruiter based in Austin, about a month before the conference. Tolu matched me and my interests with the role I am currently in here at EARS, and I worked with Iris Lin from then on. Iris is not only a phenomenal recruiter and an absolutely wonderful person. She not only cared about how I was doing in the EA interview process, but she even did things like check in to see how I was enjoying Grace Hopper overall, and how life was going. The energy and passion of the EA University Relations recruiters is something I have never felt from any other company. 

What about EA’s push for inclusion and work in technology drew you to an internship here?

Before attending GHC last year and being approached by EA, I had never thought of myself as a stereotypical “gamer”, or as a fit in the gaming industry. Through my interactions with EA, I ended up having a complete shift in perception. At Grace Hopper, I got to learn more about EA’s strong push for diversity and inclusion in their video games and as a place to work. Our [CEO] Andrew Wilson is a gender equality champion with HeForShe at the UN, and our [CTO] Ken Moss even comes to Grace Hopper to help recruit more women into the company!

Not only have the executives made a huge effort to empower women to join and stay in the industry, but every single person I have met while at EA has treated me with the utmost respect. They have all fostered my learning and growth every single day. The mentorship opportunities have been incredible, and have given me a sense of community, the feeling that I belong here, and the knowledge that I can thrive and advance my career here. EA also has company-wide initiatives for employees, like the Women’s Ultimate Team Employee Resource Group (ERG), which promotes ways to bring in, support, and retain women in the company and the industry as a whole. EA has also given me a scholarship to attend GHC ‘18 this September, so I can celebrate, learn, and grow as a woman in Computer Science. 

How do you think this internship will help you on your career path? 

During this internship, I was given the ownership and responsibility of a real EA project. I had never worked on anything to this scale and learned a totally new programming language for it. With a lot of help, I was able to deliver a real EA product which is going to be used by a lot of people, which is an incredibly exciting and unique experience to have as a 20-year-old. I am endlessly grateful for the experience, and I am absolutely thrilled to be returning to EA as a full-time Software Engineer upon graduating this Spring. 

What do you do at EA? What project are you working on for us?

As a Software Engineer on the EADP Player and Developer Experience (PDE) team, I was given a project to rewrite an existing internal software to be compatible with the upcoming Developer Console. I wrote thousands of lines of code over the summer for this project, and I also got to oversee the project management side of it. The software itself is an internal load test automation tool - which is essentially stress-testing for game servers, something that is incredibly important today. 

Experience meeting EA at GHC 

When I got to Grace Hopper, I had already done all of my interviews on the phone. While I was there, I attended the EA post-conference mixer, for which my recruiter set up time for me to meet with Farah Ali, the incredible VP of my team. I also got to meet our CTO, several people from University Relations, and a bunch of current employees who told me all about what it’s like to work at EA. Every single person I met was passionate about working here, which got me even more excited about the possibility of becoming a part of the EA community. I got my offer the next day!

What do you think makes EA a unique place to advance your knowledge of technology? 

EA gives its interns a unique and exciting opportunity to make meaningful impact on real-world projects. I was given an opportunity learn new things every single day this summer, and the growth I have seen in my own technical ability is astounding. 

Tell us something we don’t know about you. 

I have a small computer science-inspired tattoo, which says cout << “hello world!”. 

Want to work as intern at one of our locations? Find out more info here!

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