Why I Make Games: Andy Agostini

Associate Producer EA SPORTS NHL

EA PLAY 2016

There’s something special about making video games, and whether you love art, engineering, or both, you know how magical the experience can be.

We’re lucky to have lots of amazing creative people who make video games here at EA, and we wanted to find out more about why they’ve chosen to make video games.


Andy Agostini fell in love with hockey from day one.

“I think that’s what got me excited about gaming; having the ability to apply my passion for real-world hockey in a different way that put me in control of a player on a screen, and score the winning goal,” Andy says.

His parents bought him and his brother an Atari 2600 to first help him scratch that itch.

“Even then I was a big hockey video gamer,” he says. 

Since then, Andy has grown into an associate producer for the EA SPORTS NHL series, overseeing the team focused on Game Modes and handling licensing and legal approvals.

Andy has worked in a variety of roles at EA, starting as a junior accountant in the finance department of EA Canada before landing a job opening as an assistant producer on the World Championship Wrestling team. 

Andy was drawn to hockey as a child. He loved watching the speed and action on the ice on television. As a toddler, he would start to cry if his parents changed the channel. Andy has been following the Vancouver Canucks since the age of three. For Andy, working on the NHL team was a dream come true.

I get to make a game that I love playing, and I have had some great experiences in the hockey world

“I never played hockey as a child, so the NHL dream faded pretty quickly,” he says.

Working on the NHL team put him as close to the world of hockey as he could get without actually playing it.

“I get to make a game that I love playing, and I have had some great experiences in the hockey world,” he says.

In the past, Andy has also worked on features such as Be A GM, Be A Pro, EA SPORTS Hockey League, and Hockey Ultimate Team for the EA SPORTS NHL series, as well as serving on past Need for Speed and NBA LIVE titles.

“I have had my hands in a lot of the past of the NHL franchise, and can’t wait to be involved with what is coming in the future,” he says. 

Andy has witnessed a lot of progression in the industry over the years. One big change he’s seen is the ability to play online.

“A game like NHL was a great couch or single player experience. Now we have great online experiences, like having up to 6 vs. 6 users in the EA SPORTS Hockey League,” he says.

Andy is most excited for the community to get their hands on NHL 17.

“The team wants to create a game that we want to play,” says Andy. “This is what motivates us to make NHL better every year, and keep finding new ways to push ourselves and keep things exciting for our fans.”

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