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Meet Dan Ireland

Career News

Title: Associate Technical Director

Organization: Worldwide Studios

Location: EA Vancouver



Prior to joining EA, I worked for a few large organizations in the education, resource and government fields. I majored in both Computing Science and English Literature in university, and had always wanted to try my hand in the gaming industry. When I’m not working, I’m likely planning a trip, playing a board or video game, reading, or going for a bike ride.

Getting Your Start with EA

I attended a career fair and spoke with an EA recruiter. Shortly afterwards I went through the interview process for a Test Engineer position, where I worked before moving into a Build Engineer role.

Working at EA

My experience at EA has been encapsulated in the idea that there is opportunity where you seek it. I expected to work at EA for a year, and eight years later, I’ve moved through a few positions and continued learning all along the way. Some of the most exciting times have also been the most challenging - like console generation changes or engine transitions - but those have also been excellent opportunities for growth.

EA’s Impact

Working at EA has helped me prioritize what is important to me and what I enjoy. Because there is a wealth of opportunity here, I’ve looked around at various job postings and challenges available, and strived to identify what brings me satisfaction. That in turn carries over to my personal life, where I’m better able to focus on the things I enjoy and minimize the impact of the things I don’t.

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at EA?

I would encourage all applicants to keep an open mind to the variety of roles available at EA. It’s easy to typecast yourself as an AI Software Engineer or a Character Artist, but if you look at your skillset and what you most enjoy, you may find a position in a different role that brings you more satisfaction.


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