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Meet Gautam Muralidhar

Career News

Title: Lead Gameplay Engineer

Organization: Worldwide Studios

Location: Los Angeles



As a kid I was always excited and intrigued by video games, and have been programming and creating games in my spare time since I was in 5th grade. Video games brought out a side of creativity in me that I didn’t know existed and made me very passionate about working in the games industry. I changed my course of career choices right out of high school and made a very conscious effort to be involved in video games and its creation. When other students in my school were creating traditional CS Major projects surrounding database systems or inventory control, I chose to make video games and tools for visualization instead.

I pursued a Master’s Degree in Video Games Programming and landed myself a job eventually after working in small startups in India. I moved to the United States of America from India in 2006 on an adventure to work in the games industry and experience the creative freedom and the ability to think outside the box.

Getting Your Start with DICE LA

I got hired by EA in 2011 after working some time in smaller studios. I worked with a very talented team on Medal of Honor: Warfighter and quickly learned what it meant to work for a larger game developer. After the game was complete, DICE LA was formed.

Working at DICE LA

I started working with DICE LA in April 2013, helping ship Battlefield 4 and working on upcoming expansion packs for Battlefield 4. This is where I was able to experience the very high quality of work environment and product development that DICE is known for. Our GM, Fredrik Löving, has been a very effective motivational leader. He has a tremendous way of influencing and corralling his developers to make the best experience in a video game, always thinking players first.

DICE LA’s Impact

At DICE LA, our personal lives are a very important factor to our work lives. We emphasize work/life balance and have found that focused efforts, rather than extra hours, has proven to be a very successful strategy for our development.

I have found a significant improvement in my work/life balance since beginning my work at DICE LA. I get to spend a lot of time with my wife and son. I get home at reasonable hours.. I get to enjoy my family and try hobbies that I have always wanted to pursue.

The DICE LA management team also encourages a high passion in its developers. We take our product very seriously and treat it like our baby. This passion allows us to drive the quality and innovation of the games we make.

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at DICE LA?

If you are looking for an employer where passion, quality and innovation are the core foundation of excellence, DICE LA is the studio for you. Come work here and experience game development where we put creativity in your hands. 

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