Meet Kylie Findlay

Career News

Title: Quality Analyst

Organization: Worldwide Studios

Location: Melbourne


Who I Am

I’ve been moving up and down the east coast of Australia for the past twelve years or so, but Melbourne has been my home for the past five years. I’m really happy where I’ve ended up; it is a fantastic place to live! There’s always fun things to do/eat/drink and it’s very culturally rich. Back in my younger years, my father encouraged me to get into games and I was immediately hooked! Because they have always been a part of my life, and it seemed like a natural progression to work on them. It started out with a Games Design degree in Brisbane, where I met a lot of interesting people and made lifelong friends. When I moved to Melbourne I started helping out with Quality Assurance (QA) at a local indie studio. It was lots of fun and extremely rewarding, and my career took off from there.

What I Do

I’m on the Development QA team at Firemonkeys. I work on Real Racing 3, a mobile game that releases feature content updates every six weeks or so. The DevQA team focuses on issue prevention and containment, coordination of the overall end-to-end test verification strategy of a project, and operational planning and execution against milestone approvals and build submissions. A lot of the hands-on testing is done by CoreQA, a central testing studio which is  located in Bucharest, Romania. They spend their days executing against our test plan, and focusing on issue detection, along with providing various automation testing and metrics gathering.

What is My Day Like?

During the early stages of our development cycle, we collaborate with feature owners to define the test cases for specific functionality and verify each feature as they are implemented into the builds. After all features are completed, I coordinate feedback passes and requests from the development team through to CoreQA. At the same time I’ll also be discussing  first party technical requirements, internal EA standards, and localization testing with other central teams. Towards the end, once we have a strong build candidate, we organize the submissions to first party developers. In our case, that would be Apple, Google and Amazon. There are also everyday responsibilities, like sending status reports and smoke testing builds.

Where Am I Going?

At the moment I am very happy with my role and especially my team! I’m really excited to see what Real Racing has in store for players in the future and I look forward to bringing that to life. In my professional development I would like to continue to learn new skills and take on more responsibility, as well as get more involved in the production and project management side of things.

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