Meet Enzo Sprigg

Career News

Title: Senior Environment Artist

Organization: Worldwide Studios

Location: Los Angeles



I have been in the game industry for a long while now (I stopped counting when I hit 20 years in).  I started my career in the early 90’s working on Super Nintendo titles, pushing pixels fresh out of art school.  I’ve worked at many companies since then and have seen a lot of changes and industry shifts. I have worked on countless consoles and even worked on arcade games in my past.  Out of these different experiences I still hold my time at EA with the highest regard.  I’ve worked for EA for over 10 years on various Battlefield and Medal of Honor titles.  With all that said I would say I’m still as driven and excited about working in the game industry as I was my first year in. I couldn’t be more proud and passionate to be working here!

Getting Your Start with DICE LA

I got my start at DICE LA when our previous studio “EALA” was converted to an official DICE studio.  With our core Medal of Honor team and some incredible leadership additions we built DICE LA into the agile, effective and amazingly positive studio it is now. I’m very proud to have been part of DICE LA since day one and could not imagine working anywhere else in the foreseeable future.

Working at DICE LA

DICE LA is a really special place.  Not only are there people here I’ve been working with for years that I consider very close friends and confidants, we have also attracted some amazingly talented, driven and seasoned new additions that keep making this place better and better. Our management staff is as driven to improve the workplace as we are at improving our games.  They are constantly taking feedback and exploring new ways to help us work happier, healthier and more effectively.  This sort of mindset is DICE LA’s culture and is “in the walls” of this place.

DICE LA’s Impact

I think DICE LA’s biggest impact on me is the fact that the studio respects my time away from work by scheduling our tasks very well.  This is greatly appreciated because I’m one of those creative people that is driven by many other artistic urges besides game creation.  I’m also an independent music artist and have released two full length albums entirely on my own.  I also love makeup art and costume design and am driven by that.  At DICE LA the leadership as a whole actively encourage my other creative pursuits! This is incredibly rare in the game industry and I appreciate it immensely.  I also think they understand that these other avenues fuel my love for what I do and help keep me balanced, hungry and excited about the work we all at do here at DICE LA.

Any Thoughts to Those Seeking a Career at DICE LA?

We are always looking for those special individuals who can bring immense talent, passion and drive to the studio.  Beyond that if you would love to work at a top tier studio that approaches everything with an outside-the-box innovation that puts people and teamwork first before anything else, then DICE LA is the place for you!

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