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Galway is home to EA’s Worldwide Customer Experience team, who work on the front lines to deliver the best customer service possible, as well as our Game Fraud Team, responsible for keeping our players and games safe.

Ingo recently re-joined EA as Senior QA Manager and will be building EA’s new Live Quality Assurance [QA] team in Galway. He's looking for talent to join his team! We sat down with Ingo to learn more:

Why did you decide to come back to EA?
The new role as the Senior QA Manager for the newly formed Live QA team is an opportunity of a lifetime! How could I not want to set up a brand new QA Organization from scratch? With EA providing a work environment that is so fantastic and one-of-a-kind, this opportunity really stood out.

What skills and experience will you be looking for in your team?
Passion is what fuels this industry. The same goes for QA – our team has a passion not only for our games but for the technology that powers them. We’re all gamers at heart. How else would we know and feel what problems or pains the players have? Combine that passion with a keen eye for the finer details, an understanding of how systems work, and ideally some previous QA experience, and you have a perfect candidate. Depending on the role, previous QA experience isn’t always essential!

What tips can you give candidates who would like to interview for these roles?
a.Have a typo free cover letter. If you want to do QA, you need to be able to QA your own cover letter first!
b.A good cover letter is your main (and sometimes only) way to stand out from the crowd. Express your passion. What have you done so far that shows your passion and commitment? Being geeky is ok!
c.Be prepared, know what the company and team is working on, like our products, projects, or mission.
d.Think about questions you want to ask! You need to ensure you know what you would be getting yourself into in a new role.
Interested in working at EA Galway? Check out open positions here!

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