Meet Juhan Houang

Career News

Title: Software Engineer I

Organization: Technology

Location: EA Vancouver


Who I Am

My name is Juhan, and I recently graduated from Simon Fraser University majoring in Computing Science. While solving problems at scale with the latest tools and gadgets fascinate me, I spend a great deal of time indulging myself in fantasy sports. From baseball, to hockey, to basketball, I manage them all. During the off-season, I am an avid ramen noodle guru, bobble head collector, and Formula 1 enthusiast.

What I Do

I work as a Software Engineer for the EA Studios Shared Services organization. Our team specifically is responsible for finding the load limit that an online application is capable of withstanding. My role ranges from designing and implementing the infrastructure of our load testing framework to writing load test scenarios that simulate real world traffic to the online services.  A good half of my job involves debugging issues that arise when the system is under heavy load, and the other half is improving existing tools to catch errors early on in the process.

What is My Day Like?

The morning will involve reviewing e-mails and any overnight load test failures. A quick triage takes place to determine what can and needs to be done to address the issues. Daily stand-ups help keep the team up-to-date; we operate on a flexible schedule revolving around development teams’ releases. The remainder of the day can vary from supporting development teams with their load test scenario to developing new features for our load test framework. Most of these activities require a close interaction with my colleagues to discuss ongoing issues and future designs to improve our efficiency.

Where Am I Going?

It is impossible to stop learning, and the only way is up. Since my career at EA is still in its early stages, there are plenty of opportunities and features yet to be implemented. After a few years, I would like to be involved in different roles to enhance my experience and grow as an individual. 

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