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Meet Our Summer Intern - Stefan

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Interested in pursuing a career at EA? Our internship program provides great opportunity for students to start and grow their career, while cultivating their passions along the way. Learn more about our most recent summer interns: the students of EA.

Interns at EA come from a variety of background and experience levels, and have a diverse range of stories to tell. Read about Stefan's here.

Fast Facts:
Name? Stefan
Title? EADP Social Team Intern
Major? Computer Science
School? Cornell University

What were your thoughts and emotions upon coming to EA?
Experience. Kind of a charged word isn’t it? To possess experience is to impose great expectations on a person, as though having done something even once can transform the average joe into an aficionado. I have never been able to truly claim great experience in any area; I honestly have never been able to name a subject or discipline in which I could purport even some degree of mastery. I used to liken myself to a jack of all trades and master of none, though the implication of having numerous trades to practice still felt like an overstatement on my part.

I was hopeful, but still doubtful that I could get an internship here at EA with what little I knew about the game industry and computer programming as a whole. I have been considering a career in gaming for a while, having spent my life stomping Goombas and training Pocket Monsters, but I still felt I had little to offer such a big name in the business. One way or another, though, I got here and I have been picking up scads of programming languages and other technical tools since. I actually don’t have enough fingers to count all of the things that I have learned here. Earlier in the program, my experience was two-fold: while all of the new software that I am using reinforced and expanded my understanding of computer programming, I was unable to make worthwhile contributions to my intern group’s project while I learned. Despite my frustration, my mentor and manager continually supported me, guiding me towards tasks that would allow me to simultaneously gain experience and meaningfully apply it towards our team’s objectives.

I realize now that experience is less about what a person has done and more about how that person has gotten so far. The importance is not on the accolades won, but on the hardships endured while attaining them. Through countless successes and failures, I have amassed significant experience. I never thought of it that way, but as I have been making increasingly substantial contributions to my team, I have noticed myself drawing on my past mistakes and triumphs to overcome my new challenges. Working at EA has assured me of this and further broadened my repertoire of educational trials and errors. I am still not a master in any interpretation of the word, but I can certainly work my way there. Every step of the way, I improve. That’s what experience really is.

Tell us something we don't about you.
I like to use curveball throws to catch wild pidgeys (with my eyes closed) when I'm not overcoming challenges and coding at Cornell.  

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