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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Mar 4, 2013

EA Hosts LGBT Full Spectrum Event

EA will be joining with the HRC and Ford Foundation to host an event on Thursday, March 7 in New York to discuss LGBT issues in videogames. Whether it has been taking a stand against DOMA, introducing same gender romance in our games, or participating in Pride events in our communities it seems we’ve always been met with some opposition and hateful comments. It got us thinking here that it was time to bring people together to talk about these issues and not sweep them under the rug.

For the latest on the event, follow @EAFullSpectrum on Twitter where we’ll be sharing stories from our online community as well as from the event  with the hashtag #H8IsNotAGame. Join in on the conversation by sharing your story, and why you think it’s important to take a stand against homophobia.

EA Full Spectrum will bring together leaders from the LGBT and videogame community to talk about the state of hate in videogames, the origins of homophobia in games, the development of authentic LGBT characters and whether our industry is doing enough to combat hate.

2013 Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Baltimore Ravens will join us for a fireside chat to discuss overcoming prejudice in the face of opposition, and creating an inclusive and accepting environment in a traditionally closed off culture. The event will also feature panels that discuss how we define the problem of hate in videogames and another discussion about our responsibility and going about enacting real change.

Speakers and moderators include:

  • Gordon Bellamy, Tencent
  • Sean Bugg, Metro Weekly
  • Matt Bromberg, General Manager, BioWare Austin
  • Michael Cole-Schwartz, HRC Media Director
  • Deena Fidas, HRC Workplace Program Director
  • Maya Harris, Ford Foundation
  • Dan Hewitt, ESA
  • Ellen Kahn, HRC Family Project Director
  • Lucas Pattan, Out for Undergraduate Technology Conference (OUTC)
  • Hilary Rosen, CNN and Washington Post Contributor
  • Caryl Shaw, KIXEYE
  • Jaap Tuinman, EA Community Manager
  • Luis A. Ubinas, President, Ford Foundation


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