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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 30, 2011

Keep Summer Going With The Sims Social

Shorter days getting you down? Too brisk to take a dip in the pool? Your summer doesn't have to end just because Mother Nature says so. How about heating things up with a hot rod in the driveway of a summer residence in The Sims 3? Install The Sims Social on your Facebook account and you can visit Sunset Valley, Bridgeport, and Twinbrook for cheap — and in style!

If you join the booming Sims Social scene between 8/30 and 9/2, you can pick up The Sims 3 and Fast Lane Stuff bundled together for the low price of $38.99 — a 35% savings! Head to The Sims Social official Facebook page and follow the instructions to claim your discount.

The Sims Social is a brand new social gaming experience integrating the worldwide success of The Sims with Facebook's massive community. Now, you can interact with your friends in a whole new way, living out a wacky parallel existence though the lives of your Sims. Create custom Sims and set them loose in the world to build relationships, have adventures, and maybe even fall in love — all with your real friends!