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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Nov 4, 2011

The Controller Episode 3: You Throw Like A Gamer

Not everyone is Brian Wilson. We get that. But when you’re talking about gamers who rack up Battlefield 3 headshots by the hundreds, you’d expect at least some of that aim to translate to the real world. In the case of The Controller, however, it's clear that e-sports and real sports are two very different ball games.

This week’s episode of The Controller tests the throwing arms and fraying nerves of five remaining pro gamer/noob teams, who face mud, exhaustion, and a set of life-sized cardboard cutouts on their way to the $50,000 grand prize. Find out who wins, who fails, and who actually played Little League at some point in their lives when you watch the video below:

Rooting for someone you didn’t expect? Dying to see a team get the boot? Share your feedback (and FreddieW love notes) in the comment section below. Just need a copy of Battlefield 3? Pick yours up through Origin and start playing today.