Syndicate Live Chat Replay

We hope you enjoy this free replay of our Syndicate live chat with Senior Level Designer, Andreas Gshwari. The original chat took place at 11:00 a.m. PST on February 6, 2012.

In this chat, we took a close look at the Syndicate demo and discussed some of the design decisions that went into the creation of its four-player co-op mode.

Click on the video above to watch the entire Syndicate live chat. You can also review the questions and comments submitted during the chat by clicking on the “Cover It Live” module below.

Syndicate Live Chat

Standard Edition

In the not-too-distant future, governments and nations have crumbled away, leaving all-powerful Syndicates in their wake. They enforce their will through the ultimate human weapons: genetically engineered Agents who subvert and destroy their enemies with the latest in hard-hitting weaponry.

Now, step into a re-imagined version of the 1993 video game Syndicate available as a download for your PC. The world – brainchild of science fiction author Richard Morgan – is a completely detailed vision of the future brought to life on the computer. Play Miles Kilo, a prototype Agent charged with enforcing Eurocorp’s will on a battlefield where business is war. Take control of an arsenal of futuristic weapons and gear, boosting your already potent physical abilities. Target your enemies for destruction and watch their Syndicates collapse beneath your carefully engineered mayhem.

Syndicate provides online co-op options with up to three additional players. Take command of an entire organization and hunt down your enemies with fellow players at your side. Use enhanced playback functions to engage the action in slow motion, peer through in-game walls and obstacles, and add new weapons and armor to your arsenal as you take down rival Syndicates. The game also includes nine scenarios from the 1993 game, updated for the PC and bursting with action. Fight a new war with new rules and witness the rebirth of a video game classic.


• Chip Enhanced Gameplay – Slow down time, see through walls, and breach your enemy and everything digital in the world with Dart vision – a neural DART6 chip implant that allows you to interface directly with the Dataverse.

• 4-Player Online Co-op – Assemble your Syndicate for global domination. A 4-player, online co-op experience like no other, with chip enhanced gameplay and 9 missions re-imagined from the original Syndicate.

• Visceral FPS Experience – Utilize an upgradable arsenal of futuristic weapons, armor and gear to annihilate your enemies and harvest their chip technology for personal advancement and sinister corporate greed.

• Sci-Fi Fiction – Immerse yourself in the world of Syndicate 2069, with a world-class sci-fi story experience, written by bestselling author Richard Morgan.

Release Date
February 20, 2012
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