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At EA, we aim to integrate environmental responsibility and sustainability into our operational, product and supply chain strategies. We reduce our carbon footprint by the manner through which we bring our games and services to players and by making environmentally-conscious choices in our offices worldwide.

Environmental stewardship not only aligns to our business objectives, but also contributes to actions needed to combat global climate change.


As the world of play becomes increasingly digital, we have reduced our carbon footprint and waste generated by our operations by shifting away from traditional models of manufacturing, packaging, and distributing physical discs.

Over the past 5 years, we estimate that our digital transformation has saved:

20.3 million pounds of plastic packaging

4.1 million pounds of paper inserts

53 million discs

As we continue to deliver digital products and grow our digital business, we recognize that our business is increasingly reliant on datacenter usage. We manage a significant portion of our data center usage through partners that either power their operations with energy from renewable sources or have made a commitment to provide access to renewable energy.


We make environmentally-conscious choices throughout the supply chain for our packaged goods business.

Printing legal notices on the back cover of games, saving approximately 466,000 pounds of paper annually

Utilizing banding material for pallet displays instead of stretch wrap, eliminating 750,000 square feet of annual stretch wrap usage

Redesigning retail displays to reduce material by 10%

Shipping orders via corrugated wrap versus corrugated cartons, decreasing usage of corrugate materials by 70% or 20,000 pounds annually

Converting packaging materials to biodegradable air pillows, saving 7,352 pounds of paper annually

Utilizing print suppliers with certifications from the Forestry Stewardship Counsel, Rain Forest Alliance and Sustainability Forestry Initiative


We envision a greener world in which we live, work, and play. Across our offices worldwide, we have taken deliberate steps to reduce our energy consumption and the associated emissions, water consumption, utilize eco-friendly products, promote reduction, reuse and recycling and bring awareness and education of sustainability issues to our employees. We are able to have the most impact at two of the office locations that we own: our global headquarters in Redwood Shores, California and our studios and offices in Burnaby, British Columbia. At our leased locations, we work with the site owners and managers to make a difference in the areas where we can.

In many strategically important EA locations, we have taken the following actions:

Installing low energy LED light bulbs and timers to shut off common and public area lights and video equipment after hours

Using green cleaning products

Deploying 100% compostable products (paper towels, toilet paper, food and beverage containers) campus-wide

Instituting robust recycling programs that include the recycling of batteries, light bulbs, electronics, metals and print toner

Increasing the number of electric vehicle charging stations for employees

Redwood Shores


Our global headquarters in Redwood Shores, California was awarded with a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in July 2012 by the U.S. Green Building Council.  

At our Redwood Shores facility, we have taken the following actions in connection with our sustainability efforts:

Installing a variable frequency drive on our air conditioning units, which saves approximately 550,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year

Reducing emissions by offering shuttle bus service between Redwood Shores and several Bay Area locations – this program eliminated over 80,000 employee commutes during 2017

Reducing water usage through the implementation of drought-resistant plants in campus landscaping and the installation of low flow toilets

Utilizing over 5,000,000 gallons of recycled water annually, primarily with respect to maintenance of campus landscaping

Diverting landfill waste by maintaining composting bins (9,450 pounds diverted during 2017) and implementing a wastestream recycling and landfill management plan that complies with California recycling and refuse regulations


At our campus in Burnaby, British Columbia, we have taken the following actions:

Installing a voltage harmonizer, which reduces electricity consumption by 64,000 kilowatt hours annually

Subsidizing public transportation costs for employees, as well as offering dedicated carpool parking spaces and on-site car sharing programs

Increasing the frequency of automated light sweeps, reducing energy consumption by an estimated 540,000 kilowatts annually

Replacing parking facility bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, reducing electricity consumption by an estimated 225,000 kilowatts annually

Diverting approximately 620,000 pounds (or 74%) of waste generated at our Burnaby campus via extensive recycling programs; with the balance diverted to Metro Vancouver’s Waste-to-Energy Facility.


We continuously monitor our compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. We have had no significant environmental controversies resulting from our operations and have been charged no fines, penalties or levies as a result of environmental matters. In addition, we have had no incidents of non-compliance with water quality or quantity permits, standards or regulations at any of our facilities

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