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EA And The Environment

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At EA, we are striving to reduce our carbon footprint in bringing our great products to our consumers and by making more environmental choices in our studios and locations worldwide.  Our mission is to manage and operate environmentally conscious programs with the goal of reducing the consumption of natural resources.  

EA’s Digital Business

Over the past several years, our business has been rapidly transforming.  Historically, we have derived most of our sales from disc-based videogame products that are sold through retailers.  Now, the fastest growing part of our business is the delivery of games directly to consumers, which does not require the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of physical discs. Our transformation from a predominantly packaged goods business to a digital business significantly reduces EA’s carbon footprint.    

Supply Chain Management

Within our existing packaged goods business, we have streamlined our supply chain management to make better choices for the environment.  

These include:

• Eliminating physical instruction manuals and legal notices in game packaging and making those materials available within the game or online; 

• Making all retail game display pallets double-stackable, reducing freight usage by 30%, as well as instituting a pallet recycling program with our primary suppliers; 

• Shipping small packages via corrugated wrap versus corrugated cartons, decreasing freight usage by 15% and packaging materials by 22%.

• Securing and transporting finished goods with plastic bands versus corrugated cartons, eliminating 150,000 corrugated cartons per year; 

• Converting game disc cases to lower weight eco-friendly cases, reducing plastic consumption by 20%; and 

• Utilizing print suppliers with certifications from the Forestry Stewardship Counsel, Rain Forest Alliance and Sustainability Forestry Initiative.  

Green Initiatives at EA Studios and Locations

Within our EA studios and locations worldwide, we have taken steps to reduce our energy consumption, implement alternative commuter programs, utilize eco-friendly products in our facilities, promote recycling and bring awareness and education of sustainability issues.  We have the most impact at the two facilities that we own, our global headquarters at EA Redwood Shores, California (EARS) and EA Canada in Burnaby, British Columbia (EAC).  At our leased locations, we work with the site owners and managers to make a difference in the areas where we can.  

In most EA locations, we have taken the following actions: 

• Using low energy CFL and LED light bulbs; 

• Installing timers to shut off common and public area lights and video equipment after hours; 

• Using green cleaning products; and 

• Circulating a sustainability newsletter to bring awareness and share best practices across EA’s global locations. 

EA Redwood Shores

Our global headquarters at EA Redwood Shores was awarded with a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in July 2012 by the U.S. Green Building Council.  

At EARS, we have taken the following actions: 

• Installing a variable frequency drive on our air conditioning units, saving approximately 550,000 KWh per year;

• Operating employee bus shuttle services from San Francisco to Redwood Shores;     

• Providing battery charging stations for electric vehicles, which are available for use by the public; 

• Reducing water usage with the installation of low flow toilets; 

• Utilizing recycled water for 90% of our landscaping water usage; 

• Installing composting bins, reducing green waste on campus by 9,450 pounds per year; and 

• Installing a sustainable garden that produces approximately 400 pounds of vegetables and herbs served in our cafeteria. 

EA Canada

At our EAC campus in Burnaby, British Columbia, we have taken the following actions: 

• Replacing all halogen lighting with LEDs, reducing energy consumption by 200 kilowatts per year;

• Installing a voltage harmonizer, reducing energy consumption by 64,000 kilowatts per year; 

• Subsidizing employee public transportation costs, offering carpool initiatives, and car-sharing services; 

• Deploying 100% compostable products (paper towels, toilet paper, food and beverage containers) campus-wide; 

• Diverting approximately 85% of landfill waste through extensive recycling programs since July 2011; and

• Undertaking a 10 year forest enhancement strategy for the campus eco-system, in partnership with the City of Burnaby, to improve forest health, protect species diversity, and provide green space access for area residents.

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