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Dragon Age: Origins- Return to Ostagar


Standard Edition

Your memories of the battle of Ostagar will haunt you for years to come. It laid waste to your order and claimed the lives of many great men and women. Now, there are rumors that a fellow survivor of the battle has escaped from captivity and is seeking the Grey Wardens' help. The time has come for the Grey Wardens to make their return to Ostagar and exact their revenge upon the darkspawn.
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Release Date
Dragon Age: Origins- Return to Ostagar
PlayStation 3
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Dragon Age: Origins- Return to Ostagar
Xbox 360
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Game Features


A second chance to add Dog to your party. Learn More

Lost Arms and Armor

An opportunity to reclaim the lost arms and armor of a king. Learn More


A return to the battlefields of Ostagar, now thick with darkspawn encamped amidst the snow. Learn More

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