15 Battlefield Hardline Improvements Made Since the Last Beta


Receiving player feedback is a huge part of development, and you’ve influenced the direction of Battlefield Hardline in a big way.

We’re thrilled to get your feedback on the Battlefield Hardline beta, available now on all platforms.

Receiving player feedback is a huge part of development, and you’ve influenced the direction of the game in a big way. We take your comments to heart, and we’ve rounded up all the small things that we’ve tweaked in the game since the last beta when the game was announced at E3.

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1) Gadget Master Class
The dev team cast a vote for the new name of the “mechanic” class, and the results were split right down the middle. This class still called the mechanic but now serves as the “Gadget Master”, and includes upgraded SMG’s and Sat Phone amongst other perks.

2) A Cleaner Customize Screen
Look for a new layout to the customize screen, which should make it easier to manage your gear and weapon attachments.

3) More Interactions
The dev team has spent time adding more options to the game. In the latest beta, look for interactive objects like doors, radios, ammo lockers, and more!

4) Longer Rounds
The team received feedback during the beta aimed at the quick progression of rounds. We’ve made tweaks to both Heist and Blood Money that should help make the experiences last longer without sacrificing any of the fun.

5) Less Explosions
The first beta featured plenty of over-the-top explosions and heavy weaponry. You’ll notice tweaks to reduce the frequency of explosions this time around.

6) A Cleaner HUD
The dev team heard feedback about the HUD being too similar to the one in Battlefield 4. You’ll notice some small tweaks to the display, including a clearer mini-map and clearer objective icons.

7) Stronger Vehicles
The dev team heard from gamers that vehicles were too easily destroyed in the last beta, and that is now adjusted. You’ll notice increase survivability of the utility van, as well.

8) More Sensitive Audio
In some of the game modes in Battlefield Hardline, situational awareness is very important. The dev team has been working on improving the audio cues in the environment to make it easier to detect enemies. You’ll hear louder footsteps behind you, as well as ambient sounds like rain and radio audio.

9) Adjusted interrogation
The dev team has been working to tweak interrogation to make it both more useful and less powerful at the same time.

10) Faster Movement
During the first beta, player speed was increased 10% and players running with pistols were given a +10% bonus, so you’ll notice quicker movement.

11) Camera Tweaks
During the first beta, we heard from fans who didn’t like how the camera “bounced” when you were being suppressed. You’ll notice that your situational awareness will still be affected while being suppressed, but your aimpoint is not. Also, we’ve toned down the camera shake that you’ll experience during high tension moments.

12) Nerfing Survivalist
Since the first beta, we adjusted survivalist to now only revive you from explosions or road kills, countering those more frustrating deaths that some were experiencing.\

13) More Visual Feedback
If you couldn’t find an overhead objective, you might be glad to know that more visual feedback has been added to help you track down your next checkpoint.

14) Faster Vehicles
The new handbrake for cars allows you to drift, and new tuning for vehicles makes the cars in Battlefield Hardline the fastest in franchise history.

15) Sweet Spots in Heavy Vehicles
It should be easier to bring down heavily armored vehicles from behind. You’ll find new weak spots in the rear of the heavily armored vehicles.

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