DICE Sets the Mark for Quality on Next-Gen Consoles

EA Staff


We’re only five days away from all-out warfare on PlayStation 4.

We’re only five days away from all-out warfare on PlayStation 4. Battlefield 4, which launched on current generation consoles and PCs last week, will hit shelves on Tuesday for PS4 and is coming to Xbox One just a week later on November 19. Grab your 63 closest friends because Battlefield 4 is the only place where you can have 64 people on the battlefield at 60 frames per second.

“I could give you 64 reasons why Battlefield 4 is the can’t-miss game of this year, but here’s the one you need: critics are saying Battlefield 4 is the first great first-person shooter of the next-generation,” said Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts. “With the superior technology of Frostbite 3, vast environments for online team play, and the only game with 64-player multiplayer all-out warfare, Battlefield 4 is ready to bring the next-generation to life.”

Still wondering if you should grab a copy? Check out our first in a blog series of  “64 Reasons to Play Battlefield 4 on Next-Gen” – the definitive guide to why Battlefield 4 is the biggest, most immersive, most technologically-advanced action title for the new consoles.

“Every day in our stores, we’re seeing the excitement build for the upcoming launch of the next-generation of video gaming,” said Bob Puzon, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at GameStop. “EA has the most cumulative launch-title pre-orders of any publisher, driven by a great lineup that truly reveals the power of the new gaming consoles.”

We’ll be sharing more here on The Beat as we get ready for next-gen. Tell us: what are you most excited for in the new consoles?

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