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It’s Time To Celebrate The Holiday Season With Best Friends As EA Launches LITTLEST PET SH…



The Play Label of EA got the party started today and announced the release of LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends for the Wii and Nintendo DS, the latest lineup of games for girls based on Hasbro's globally popular LITTLEST PET SHOP toy brand.

LITTLEST PET SHOP Video Games Deliver Big Fun Featuring Extensive Customization, New Pets with Unique Personalities, Adventures, and Mini-Games

The Play Label of EA got the party started today and announced the release of LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends for the Wii and Nintendo DS, the latest lineup of games for girls based on Hasbro's globally popular LITTLEST PET SHOP toy brand. Made for girls 6-10, LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends gameplay centers around party preparations as girls and their pets get ready to throw the biggest LITTLEST PET SHOP celebration of the year.

"EA has a dedicated team focused on creating quality games for girls and these new LITTLEST PET SHOP experiences are designed to appeal to that group by keeping their likes and playing habits top-of-mind," said Chip Lange, General Manager of EA's Hasbro Division.  "LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends is about celebrating what's important to little girls, like their best friend and fun parties, and because of this, we think these games will be at the top of every girls' holiday wish list."

LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends for the Wii features co-op play so girls can share the fun alongside their real-life best friends.  Girls begin their adventure by choosing from 16 new and adorable pets packed with personality such as a Great Dane, Peacock, Beaver, and the Messy Cat.  Girls then put their distinctive mark on pets through extensive customization options, such as a multitude of combinations for customizable accessories, or by creating their own exclusive designs.  With pets styled and ready to go, exciting adventures, activities around party preparations and gameplay unfold in a variety of environments including the Beach, Country, and City where players guide their pets through an array of LITTLEST PET SHOP-style fun.  Framed by a rich storyline and high-quality in-game cinematics, girls embark on a journey filled with activities such as delivering party invitations and serving up cake and ice cream, to completing more than a dozen special tasks on their way to arriving at the big celebration.

For the Nintendo DS player, EA has released three new versions -- LITTLEST PET SHOP City Friends, LITTLEST PET SHOP Beach Friends, and LITTLEST PET SHOP Country Friends. Each game includes a unique storyline and six exclusive pets such as a Collie, Ladybug and Tiger, as well as a pet best friend who helps players complete a variety of activities and games on their way to the gala event where a special mystery guest awaits their arrival.  The pets also have their own house where girls can send party items such as gifts, baked goods, and decorations.  Additionally, customization options include a vast assortment of accessories, including the ability to design your own..  Plus, enhanced Wi-Fi multiplayer gameplay allows girls to expand the LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends experience to include their best friends.

"EA has delivered yet another strong slate of video games for girls based on Hasbro's powerhouse LITTLEST PET SHOP brand," said Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media and Gaming at Hasbro.  "LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends enables girls to further expand their growing pet collections into new environments filled with exciting adventure and gameplay."

LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends for the Wii is priced at a MSRP of $39.99. LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends for the Nintendo DS each carry a MSRP of $29.99.  All games are rated "E" for Everyone and available at major retailers.  For more information on the games, visit the Official Website.

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