EA Tuesday Exclusive: Bloodstroke Concept Art

EA Staff


Bloodstroke, a mobile game from film director John Woo, is known for its striking visuals and slick presentation so today we're sharing with you never-before-seen concept art from the game.

Renowned film director John Woo recently launched his mobile game debut with Bloodstroke, published by Chillingo. Play as Phalanx's Elite Private Security Agent, Mai Lee - codenamed Lotus, as she shoots and slices her way through the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing to ensure the safety of her first assignment.

The game is known for its striking visuals so today we’re sharing with you EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen concept art from the game.

And if you’re a John Woo fan, be sure to follow us on Twitter for a chance to win a signed game poster from the director today! If you haven't gotten the chance to play Bloodstroke, you can get it NOW on the App Store HERE

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