FIFA 11 Podcast | 20 January 2010



Learn how to create goal scoring chances in this week's podcast.

This week, Stevie and Rom tell us how to create goal scoring chances in FIFA 11 as part of their on-going series of pro-tips. There's also an opportunity to win tickets to see Liverpool at Anfield and in the Big Shout the topic under discussion is whether Arsenal can win the EPL. Former gunner Thierry Henry thinks they can but do you agree?

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Get Your Thoughts Heard By The Dev Team

Romily Broad is heading to Vancouver and part of his job will be to collect all of your feedback and report it back to the development team. If you have a comment or suggestion for the people that make FIFA then get in touch here.

For general comments or to request tips and tricks then email us here.

There's no podcast next week but Stevie will return in two weeks so be sure to check in with us then! 

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