Upgrade FIFA 14 For The New Consoles This Fall

EA SPORTS Football


Find out where you can upgrade your copy of FIFA 14.

Fans of FIFA 14 will have numerous opportunities when it comes to upgrading from the current generation edition of the game and make the move to the next generation. Whether your platform of choice is the Xbox One or the PlayStation® 4, numerous retailers are offering opportunities to upgrade your experience when the new consoles launch this fall. Check out the links below for a full rundown of the current retail offers and stay tuned as more details get announced over the coming weeks.


And remember, you can start your season on FIFA 14 on your current console, and then you can bring it with you to your next gen console. Your FIFA Ultimate Team travel with you…so does your FIFA Seasons progress, including trophy case and leaderboards; your Online Virtual Pro and accomplishments; your EA SPORTS Level and XP…so no time is wasted and no accomplishment goes unrecognized. That’s our promise to you.

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