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20 Questions With DullenMIKE

Meet the youngest ever FUT Champions Cup Winner

Community Spotlight

Meet Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen. At 16 years, he was the youngest player ever to win a Competitive FIFA tournament during the FUT Champions Cup in Bucharest, Romania as part of the EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. In this quick round Q&A he talks about balancing life as a professional EA SPORTS FIFA player with school, his way of playing and gives advice for upcoming competitive players. 

1) How does it feel to be the youngest winner of a FUT Champions Cup in the history of EA SPORTS FIFA?

It's unbelievable because six months ago, I would never have thought that I would ever compete in a FUT Champions Cup.

2) When did you start playing EA SPORTS FIFA?

I started playing FIFA 13 regularly. However, I was just playing casually when hanging out with friends.

3) When did you start playing competitively?

Playing competitively wasn't an option for me before FIFA 19 because of the age restriction, so I thought it's not worth putting my time into competitive playing when I can't even compete.

4) What’s your favorite line-up in EA SPORTS FIFA?

If there wouldn't be any chemistry in FUT I would choose the same team that I chose in my Squad Battles Featured Team.

5) Favorite EA SPORTS FIFA player of all time?

Valderrama in FIFA 17 just because of his in game look and his incredible vision.

6) Outside of competitive gaming: What’s your favorite team to play with?

It has to be Juventus as they have so many 5 Star Skillers and if I like to use skills and to score nice goals when I am not playing competitively.

7) How do you balance being one of the best EA SPORTS FIFA players in the world with school life?

It's not even that difficult because I study right after school so I can focus a 100 percent on practicing FIFA after school.

8) What are your interests outside of EA SPORTS FIFA?

I play as a midfielder for our local football team, FSV Amberg, and sometimes I play a bit of basketball with my friends.

9) What’s your favorite subject in school? Physical Education?

Yeah it has to be PE, not only because it's my best subject but also because you can also forget all the stress from studying and chill out.

10) When you come home from school: Homework or FIFA?

I always do my homework first, but after that I play a lot of FIFA.

11) What do your classmates think about you winning the Champions Cup?

They were all really hyped and most of them watched all of my games that were streamed. Also, it was an insane experience going to school the Tuesday after the event.

12) Do your teachers know about your competitive gaming-life?

Most of my teachers knew about it before the event but after winning it I think all of them know about it now. Some even watched my games with their own children, which was really surprising to me.

13) Do your friends still want to play EA SPORTS FIFA with you or are they scared of losing?

Most of my friends play on PlayStation 4 so they won't ever play me. But out of all the friends I have that play on Xbox One only one has played me in FIFA 19, because they lost every single game in FIFA 18.

14) What tips would you give some who wants to play EA SPORTS FIFA competitively?

They should look for someone to practice with and slowly start to establish themselves in the competitive scene by playing weekend league.

15) How does your family support your competitive gaming efforts?

They all support me which I'm very grateful for.

16) Who do you bring with you to EA SPORTS FIFA events?

For the past three events I brought my mom as a guardian, but for the past two events I had someone from my team SK Gaming with me to coach me.

17) How do you prepare for a competitive gaming event?

 Play some games against professional players throughout that week but not too many games, as I don't want to lose the creativity in my attack.

18) Who has been your greatest opponent?

It has to be F2Tekkz who I played in both Bucharest FUT Champions Cups, because I always lose to him so narrowly and his playing style is so unique and insane.

19) When you are playing: Skill-moves or passing?

At events passing, but at home skilling, because it's not that important.

20) Does your age give you an advantage over other players?

It's an advantage because my playstyle isn't really known in the community before, and I play without too much pressure since I'm only 16 years old.


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