Top 10 Transferred Goalkeepers in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

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Find out who are the 10 most popular goalkeepers in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Throughout the holidays, FIFA 14 will be highlighting interesting bits of information on players and clubs in the game. Today, we look at the top 10 transferred goalkeepers in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

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#10. Diego López Rodríguez (Spain) – Real Madrid (La Liga)

Every club needs a strong goalkeeper, but having two is quite the luxury. Real Madrid is one of the few clubs in the world with two dependent goalkeepers on their squad. While legendary Iker Casillas has been plagued with injuries for most of 2013, Diego López has taken over the role admirably. His 86 Handling, 83 Positioning and 81 Diving have made him a favorite among FIFA Ultimate Team users.

#9. David de Gea Quintana (Spain) – Manchester United (Barclays Premier League)

United’s David de Gea has accomplished quite a lot at only 23 years of age. After helping the Red Devils win the Premier League title last season, he is poised to become Spain’s top goalkeeper. With 88 Reflexes and 86s in Diving and Kicking, he’ll be vital if Spain hopes to defend their FIFA World Cup title.

#8. Diego Alves Carreira (Brazil) – Valencia CF (La Liga)

Many football fans don’t pay much attention to Brazilian goalkeepers, but Diego Alves is the exception to that rule. His 90s in Diving and Reflexes are the highest ratings in those two categories among all the goalkeepers on this list, evidence of how he can help slow down a high-tempo offense.

#7. Joe Hart (England) – Manchester City (Barclays Premier League)

City’s Joe Hart is one of the most popular goalkeepers in the world and continues to be the first choice for most Ultimate Team users. His 87 Reflexes, 85 Diving and 81 Positioning combined with his 6ft 5in (196 cm) stature helps to intimidate oncoming attackers, making it difficult to get the ball past him without some trickery.

#6. Petr Čech (Czech Republic) – Chelsea (Barclays Premier League)

While most will point to fantastic coaching, one of the main factors for Chelsea’s success over the last decade can be attributed to dependability of the 85-rated Petr Čech. The Czech international has been one most reliable players for the London-side and among the more popular players in the world at any position. His 85s in Diving and Reflexes, 83 in Positioning and 82 in Handling help him stand strong in goal.

#5. Salvatore Sirigu (Italy) – Paris Saint-Germain (Lique 1)

A quick reactionary goalkeeper is someone you want between the posts and PSG’s Salvatore Sirigu is one of the best. The Italian’s 87 Reflexes, 86 Diving and 85 Positioning help him get in the right spots to make key saves in goal.

#4. René Adler (Germany) – Hamburger SV (Bundesliga)

German fans have always been lucky when it comes to having quality goalkeepers lead their clubs and René Adler is an example of that strength. The Hamburger SV goalkeeper is sought after in Ultimate Team because of his 86 Diving and Reflexes, as well as 83 Positioning and 81 Handling.

#3. Roman Weidenfeller (Germany) – Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)

On this list, Borussia Dortmund’s Roman Weidenfeller is the oldest player of the bunch. But when it’s all about attributes, age doesn’t matter. Although he has a 60 Kicking, Weidenfeller’s 86 Positioning, 85 Reflexes, 84 Handling and 83 Diving more than make up the difference. It also helps that he plays for one of the best clubs in the world and is part of the deep German National Team pool of goalkeepers.

#2. Thibaut Courtois (Belgium) – Atlético de Madrid (La Liga)

Courtois' strong performances between the sticks was a big part of Belgium’s outstanding World Cup qualifying run. Atlético de Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois is a beast in goal in large part due to his 88 Handling. While he too suffers with a low Kicking (he comes in at 69), his 86 Reflexes, 84 Positioning and 82 Diving masks that deficiency.

#1. Simon Mignolet (Belgium) – Liverpool (Barclays Premier League)

The most popular goalkeeper is another Belgium international. Mignolet is sought after because of his ratings, which include 83 Reflexes, 81 Diving and 81 Handling but also thanks to his fine real-world play for Liverpool this season. He made waves earlier this year with some key saves, and has started in all of their league matches up to this point.

Any surprises come to mind? Check out the Top 20 Goalkeepers in FIFA 14 to see how this list compares.

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