FUT Web: Now You Can Open Packs Online!

Nemanja Trapara


The FUT Web App will be updated March 25th. The major addition to the Web App is the Store in which you will be able to purchase packs with your in-game coins just as you would on the console.
FUT Web Store


The FUT Web App update is live. Log in and buy packs in the Store now!

EA SPORTS recently released a major update for FIFA 11 Ultimate Team and now we are doing the same for FUT Web.

As of March 25th you will be able to use coins to purchase packs in the FUT Web app. The store in FUT Web will have the same functionality as in the console version with one key difference – packs in the Web App can only be purchased with coins. You will have the option to purchase and open Bronze, Silver and Gold packs, as well as any special packs that may be on sale. The Web App store will also have an expanded selection of bid token packs.

The update will include a number of other improvements which will enhance your experience and the speed of the Web App. The option to purchase and open packs in the FUT Web App has been requested for quite some time now and we are very excited to finally give you what you asked for!

Log in to the Web App now at http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/play

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