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Toward Deep Generative Models in Game Development

GDC 2019

Deep learning is becoming ubiquitous in Machine Learning (ML) research, and it's also finding its place in industry-related applications. Specifically, deep generative models have proven incredibly useful at generating and remixing realistic content from scratch, making themselves a very appealing technology in the field of AI-enhanced content authoring. As part of this year's Machine Learning Tutorial at the Game Developers Conference 2019 (GDC), Jorge Del Val from SEED will cover in an accessible manner the fundamentals of deep generative modeling, including some common algorithms and architectures. He will also discuss applications to game development and explore some recent advances in the field. 

The attendee will gain basic understanding of the fundamentals of generative models and how to implement them. Also, attendees will grasp potential applications in the field of game development to inspire their work and companies. This talk does not require a mathematical or machine learning background, although previous knowledge on either of those is beneficial.

Click here to view the slides directly on SlideShare.

You can also download the presentation:

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