Learning How to Code at EA Cologne

We welcomed 18 kids and their mentors for the first CoderDojo workshop at EA Cologne

CoderDojo workshops offer kids the chance to get hands-on experience working with computers. Recently, CoderDojo held their first session at EA Cologne.

CoderDojo leader Lucas Dohmen assigned students to their mentors, who then selected a project they’d work on for the next four hours. 

“CoderDojo is a global network,” says Dohmen. “The idea was born in Ireland, but now CoderDojos are organized around the globe.”

All mentors are volunteers and are limited to working with two kids to ensure they can give their full attention throughout the session.

René Calles (right), MediaWorks Software Engineer at EA Germany, was one of the CoderDojo mentors at the most recent session.

Valeria is 11 years old. She worked on a website about beauty and fashion. For her, CoderDojo is a way of simply trying out her skills. 

Simon, also 11 years old, chose Processing Coding as his project. During the four hours at the CoderDojo, he coded a program that allows users to create symmetrical patterns in a certain design scheme with the mouse.  

Simon is 10 years old, and he decided to code in Minecraft. Using JavaScript extensions, he was able to build skyscrapers made of wood and glass as well as medieval castles with just a mouse click. It was his first time at a CoderDojo and his midterm goal is to become an expert in Minecraft coding.

Some of the participants like Leo (front) are regular guests of CoderDojo. They already have set up their own servers and started to develop ambitioned long-term projects.  

For the younger kids, CoderDojo is a first exploration of the digital world.

And like any deep dive, you need to take breaks. The kids took hopped on the sticks with FIFA 17, before they went back to their projects.

After four hours of coding, the kids presented the results of their work.

It was a great day for mentors and students alike, and for everyone at EA Cologne!


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