NBA LIVE 14 Update from Sean O'Brien



Hear from NBA LIVE 14 Executive Producer Sean O'Brien on the progress of this year's game.

Hey everybody, hope you’ve been having a great summer. The majority of my first summer in Orlando has been spent inside the Tiburon studio. We’ve been working pretty hard to make sure that the return of NBA LIVE is a successful one. It’s been great getting to know the people here on the team throughout this year. I’m really impressed with the dedication and desire to create something great.

You’ve probably seen some of the work we’ve done with Under Armour in-game and during the Elite 24 event that took place in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. Not only was it a fantastic venue, under the Brooklyn Bridge, but the event truly showcased the next generation of basketball superstars.

We were also fortunate enough to get visits from NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving and Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard from the Portland Trailblazers. We had them in the mocap suit to bring their crazy handles to life in NBA LIVE 14.

Having both Damian and Kyrie in mocap this summer, with our focus on redefining how dribbling works in a basketball video game, was invaluable. Their amazing ball-handling will be in the game for you to enjoy on the sticks. It’s really cool hearing from both those guys, as well as others, about how they used to play NBA LIVE and how excited they are to be a part of the comeback.

The game is shaping up nicely and everyone here is very excited. The power of the Xbox One and the PlayStation®4 powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE has enabled us to create a truly stunning basketball game with a great suite of connected features, all surrounding a 5-on-5 gameplay experience that gives you amazing control and authenticity.

We pay attention to our Twitter and Facebook accounts and see what everybody is saying…what’s really cool is that there is genuine interest and even optimism for the experience that we’re creating with NBA LIVE. That being said, we know how you’re beyond ready to see more game assets and a 5-on-5 gameplay video. It is coming soon. I want you guys to see the game as we near completion to get a real impression (without disclaimers) of what to expect when we hit store shelves.

Between now and then, we’ll be giving you a glimpse of what NBA LIVE 14 is all about. In the next few days, we’ll be sharing a little peek of in-game screen shots and what you can expect to see and experience this fall and we’ll continue to share new assets as we lead up to the launch of the game. 

Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news and assets. I’m excited to see what you think and am honestly looking forward to hearing your feedback. This is not a one-and-done scenario. We’re here for the long haul and I hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Stay tuned...

Sean O'Brien
Executive Producer - NBA LIVE

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